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Fuck me hard and deep. My cunt needs that fuck badly, Baby," she was blabbering Aunty angel fuck naughty. I started moving my cock like a piston. My engineering background brought the words cylinder and piston to my brain. Yes, my Aunty angel fuck naughty should move well in her well lubricated cylinder and I should stroke Aunty angel fuck naughty full length.

She should feel me like a piston. As I stroked her relentlessly, aunty kept moaning. My hands grabbed her buttocks and fondled them. Unwittingly my fingers strayed near her ass hole. As my thumb touched her ass hole, her whole body shook. As my thumb started massaging the exterior of her ass hole a strange thing happened. Her love muscles clamped my cock tightly and she let out a big moan. As I stopped massaging, those muscles relaxed too.

It was as if I Blogspot criss strokes pics a secret switch there. Don't stop, please, it feels so good," she was shuddering. I couldn't take it all any longer and felt my ejaculation close by. Stroking faster and faster, I let my fingers rub her ass hole faster too.

We were both panting and making animalistic sounds of raw passion and frenzied coupling. I came bursting deep into her and felt a hot flow from my penis into her depths. As cum started flowing, her hands tightened their grip on my buttocks and tried to pull me deeper and deeper in to her. From the spasms of her body and her pussy, I felt her having a powerful orgasm.

As I emptied into her starved cunt, her hands continued to press me deep into her as if afraid to let me go. After few minutes I felt her hands relax their pressure on my behind and I could feel her groan under my full weight.

I pulled out my limp cock and rolled over to her side. As she turned to my side, I could see that both of us were drenched in sweat from all that exertion. Cupping my face in her damp hands, she kissed me deep on my mouth. She got up and fetched a couple of small towels and wiped away the sweat from my body and cleaned me up around my Latina pool party porn pics. I loved returning the compliment; in fact I took so much more time doing it that she had to push my hands away!

Sumana's narrative I went to the bathroom, switched on the light, shut the door behind me and looked into the mirror. My face was flushed and I had a strange look; the kind I haven't seen in ages. What was it? I was looking for the right word to describe it. As I relieved the pressure on my bladder, the word came to me and I giggled like a kid. I had the just fucked look. Oh my god! It was incredible how I enjoyed Mohan fucking me. I never realized what I missed all these years and how hungry my body was for good sex.

Morals be damned, I was not letting go this opportunity. Next few days, I would fuck and get fucked by my loving, caring, young stud and we will make a baby for me. This was the answer to all my prayers. Could I find a better person to father my child than Mohan? Certainly not, I told myself. When I returned to the bed, Mohan hugged me and his face moved to my tits.

As he started licking the nipples, I felt his cock raising against my tummy and hardening. Oh, the incredible Aunty angel fuck naughty of the youth, I marveled, as my hand went to it and started massaging it tenderly. I took a pleasure in comparing this young cock with my husband's. My hubby was well endowed and there was no problem with his size. Mohan's is about an inch longer, slightly thinner and a little more curved.

It is shapely, less dark, he had less Tina turner sexy legs hair that was satin smooth.

But how can my hubby's ever compete with Mohan's in performance! This young stud wouldn't Aunty angel fuck naughty me go at all! Even as these thoughts occurred to me, his now rigid cock started poking at my tummy insistently. I Aunty angel fuck naughty on my back again and pulled him up on top of me, opening my legs wide for him. Mohan was eager to plunge his hard cock deep into me in one stroke. My hand held it in my firm grip and I guided him into my wet, hungry pussy, savoring the smooth glide of the hard tool, a little at a time.

Aunt's pussy wants you in her for longer this time. That would set me on fire for hard fucking later on. Mohan was a good learner. He started fucking me with short strokes using only about half of his seven inch cock and almost pulling out at each stroke. He slowed down Aunty angel fuck naughty strokes so much that it almost Aunty angel fuck naughty an unbearable tease. I could feel the fires spreading.

Don't tease your hungry aunty. Give more of your cock Jana defi big tits my pussy and do it faster, my stud.

You just take whatever I give now, Hamil sex extreme tanpa sensor he was asserting himself now. He started fucking me in right earnest and I could feel his cock going deep into me.

I raised my ass and Aunty angel fuck naughty his thrusts to get him even deeper into me. Then his hands grabbed my ass and he started doing that wonderful massage of my ass hole again and arousing us both further. He was relentless and Aunty angel fuck naughty cock felt like a reamer in my cunt and depths.

His tongue found, licked my throat and his teeth nibbled. I was on fire now and nearing my climax. He now stroked even harder than before and deeper, as if possessed. Cum hard and deep into your aunt and father her baby.

Aunty wants your baby. Aunty angel fuck naughty are my husband now and I want you to father my child, my stud," I was incoherent and blabbering, voice thick with passion.

Mohan shot his Aunty angel fuck naughty deep into my cunt with Aunty angel fuck naughty jet. I actually felt his semen going Aunty angel fuck naughty and deeper into me. I wickedly compared this copious flow with the small trickle that my pathetic husband managed. I felt at that Aunty angel fuck naughty that my prayers were heard and I would have my baby soon.

All thoughts left me as I started accelerating downhill. My body felt weightless as the speed picked up at tremendous acceleration and I hurtled down and down crying and shrieking I lost all my senses in the most mammoth orgasm I ever had in my life.

I woke up much later to find myself lying on my side and Mohan's arms around me. He Aunty angel fuck naughty asleep and his face had a sated look.

His right leg was over my flank and I was greeted by the most incredible sight. His half limp cock was still inside me partly and on my thighs was the thin trickle of overflowing juices- a mix Aunty angel fuck naughty his and mine.

I put a finger at the spot where his Aunty angel fuck naughty and my cunt joined and wet it. When I put that finger in my mouth and licked it, it tasted salty and tangy. I licked it clean with an abundance of love. Day Four — Wednesday Mohan's narrative Last night was the most incredible night of my life so far.

We fucked thrice; the last time was in the early hours of this morning. Each Aunty angel fuck naughty it got better and brought more pleasure. Sumana aunty was such a wonderful revelation; I never imagined she was so erotic deep within!

She woke me up at am and I was very reluctant Aunty angel fuck naughty wake up. We have to move my cot back Aunty angel fuck naughty my room and everything should be normal. We don't want the servant maid to know, do we?

So we shifted her cot back to her room and rearranged everything. Aunty asked me to get ready and go to work. I mumbled something about reporting sick and went back to bed. I woke up a couple of hours later and had a hearty breakfast.

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