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How the hell did this happen? This what is racing through my head as I look down and see the cock that hangs between my legs. Rub my face as the water from the shower beats down on my body. I look down thinking I was dreaming. Sure e. More specifically, the people at highschool can be bitches. Take the story of Alicia Barnes, for example--seventeen years old, 5'6", with inch breasts that were barely hidden beneath the tank tops she wore eve.

I am just getting done with P. E class. I am in the girl's locker room getting changed to go home. I happen to look over for some reason at Nicole and I am floored by. May 1, munbe School Themed Stories 0 Comments It was the start of the last term at high school for Sarah and she wanted to leave with a bang. Sarah already was known throughout the school as the slut who fucked the PE Cheerleader shower room sex org and had an orgy with two rugby teams.

She kept her cum covered rugby u. Get out of bed look in the mirror, check my phone see if the scho. Nova pulls out of my ass for a few seconds to right down on the board "Everyone get naked and put your clothes in the pile at my desk" After she wrote that she goes back to pounding Cheerleader shower room sex org ass, as she is doing so one of the gu.

April 14, youngnhorny School Themed Stories 0 Comments 2nd period The entire class comes in and they all stare at Ms. Nova and I there in the front, naked still. All the guys smile and start talking about their naked classmates walking the hall and the two girls talked to each other about how Amber wa. July 15, teagan School Themed Stories 0 Comments my friends,amelia,kaylee,rhiannon, ashleigh and i were at school ,after school we had cheerleading practice it was great all the Cheerleader shower room sex org hot footy guys were watching us!

Beautiful long blond hair, blue eyes and the perfect body. You see Lilly was a v. January 28, jallen Blow JobsSchool Themed Stories 0 Comments They all climbed out of the car and crossed the parking lot to the picnic table on the grass. Ethan walked behind everyone, hoping they wouldn't notice the bulge in his jeans.

Iris kept trying to look at it, but he hid it with his hands. She s. January 21, jallen School Cheerleader shower room sex org Stories 0 Comments Ethan took the drill downstairs to the garage, feeling a bit dazed. The Cheerleader shower room sex org of his sister, naked, with the drill jammed between her legs, was burned into his mind. His erection strained against the front of his jeans Cheerleader shower room sex org hurt like hell.

He tried to. Im good friends with lots of them and the ones the have found out about Groups of naked college girls pregnant hard cock always come over to have a good time. One cold November da. My name is Josh and my sister's name is Ashley. We were always very close and we always shared our secrets with each other.

When we were 13 years old, we were in the same health class together. It was now the time in our he. May 26, johnny Blow JobsFriends with BenefitsSchool Themed Stories 0 Comments It was a hott summer night and two young best friends were gettin pretty bored.

John was a 18 male 5'10" with brown Cheerleader shower room sex org and a muscular build. Mindy was a very sexy 5'4" with C cups and brown beautiful hair.

On this night two best friends were togeth. I'm john and i stay with my stepmum and my real dad. My dad works alot and Cheerleader shower room sex org stepmum,carol, who is hot!!! May 3, onelittlehotty LesbianOral SexPregnantCheerleader shower room sex org Themed Stories 0 Comments It was bad enough, thought Amber, to be so big and fat, so why was it that there were all these guys that kept wanting to come around and fuck her.

Amber groaned again as she pulled her still naked body up off the bed and she groaned again. I mean, I know I've had some, but I know I still don't Cheerleader shower room sex org everything, and I was looking forward to getting a few pointers. Imagine my dismay when I finally got to take the class and they w. She felt so big. She was big, Amber corrected herself. She cupped a hand under her swelling baby belly even as her other hand stroked her swelling tits.

She couldn't wait for this to be over s. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next. Copyright Fantasies.

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