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Can we start a petition against this duck face bullshit? I don't Hot girl unbuttoned shirt cleavage a fuck how attractive you are, if I ever see a photo of you with that stupid look on your face I'm putting you on my list of Natalie portman in celebrity sex comics females. Anyone care to sign? I dont give a fuck if these girls want to walk around lookin like that all day and nite if you'd kick'em outta bed for that I've got some bad news for you….

I've got some bad news for you too, you fuck dumb chicks and that's not saying much about you as a man. If he married a dumb chick sure. But a one night stand with a chick with the IQ of a garden gnome. Wouldn't hurt me at all aha. I totally agree with you about that stupid freaking lip thing they got goin' on. I just don't understand WHY they have to do that and don't they ever look at their pics before they post them and see that?

She can get it, as long as she Hot girl unbuttoned shirt cleavage making that Hot girl unbuttoned shirt cleavage while im doing my thing. Why should i care?

I seemed to have soiled the previous pair s!!!! That's quite mellow for me. Never really was a boob man until I started taking theChive. Now I faithfully worship at the altar of cleavage! Thank you Chive for putting me on the path of righteousness and good! That's quite interesting, cos I've always been a boob man but theChive has shown me the virtue of a really good female ass!

That's not a complaint, mind you… just a simple observation. I was always a big boobie man until recently i feel for a skinny chick who wore her cuts offs like this chick and had even better legs, we get down non stop and i dont think it will ever change. If we get past our crap im gonna ask her to marry me. If it is some kind of ranking it better be the ugliest….

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Like this post? Boom Boobies Central! Jenna Webb Dont need to install TinEye, can run it from the web. Thanks for the reminder. Boobies always brighten up my day. For the love of god! Thank you!

Thank you, sir. She seems like a nice girl. Duck Hunter. I didn't notice any duck faces…I was looking at the boobs. Xavier "TheXman". The Chive scares the shit out of you? The rest is history……. Who is 3? I sure would like to hide out in between some of those. Where is 4 from? That is one of the best side boob shots I have seen, totally awesome.

Tora Jusnel Gonzalez. It soften the fucking Monday. Hot girl unbuttoned shirt cleavage yes 4 sure. More like stiffened the Monday. It will change my man. It always changes.

Nice Job chive. Hello again, Larissa. Always a pleasure…. Muuusstt nott faaapppp……. Denise Milani. Same one as in 5. Epic pic. She must lift with her legs for that much wieght. Dont want know injuries. Her name is Dennis Millani.

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