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I had always lived alone in my two bedroom condo. Single, I was perfectly comfortable with no children or roommates. Then Kara, my best friend from elementary school called and begged me to let her year-old daughter Emily live under my roof. Emily had become too difficult for Kara and I knew she needed and deserved a break.

I put the list of top ten rules up on the refrigerator so there was no need to remind Emily of anything. All was agreed and one Saturday afternoon Kara dropped Emily off with a boat load of stuff. Now, I know firsthand how difficult it is to live with a wayward teenager. She does none of the things she had promised including to follow my house rules. Whenever I mention what has not gotten done, all she does is loudly argue and then roll her eyes. This has just got to stop! Kara gave me full permission upfront to do whatever I felt was necessary to straighten Emily out.

Even if it meant putting a stop to her behavior like my mother had done for me years earlier. You see, Kara had witnessed the kind of punishment my mother had inflicted on me when I had Humiliating spanking for girls attitude. When we were in 9 th grade, she had watched my mother give me a bare bottom spanking with both her hand and a hairbrush one morning before leaving for school.

It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. Not to mention making it hard for me to sit down in class for the rest of the day. Witnessing my mother pull down my pants, bend me over her knee to give me a hard spanking had left a lasting impression on Kara as well.

Though she had never disciplined Emily that way, she felt it may be time. She knew if anyone could or would do it… it would be me. It was Thursday afternoon and I came home to a mess in my kitchen. Keeping my kitchen in order was one of my ten Humiliating spanking for girls rules. So, while I waited for her to arrive home, I did Humiliating spanking for girls my mother used to do. I put the kitchen chair in the middle of the living room and there it sat Humiliating spanking for girls the hairbrush on it… waiting.

Just as I finished, I heard Emily come through the front door. While sitting on the couch petting Venus, Emily and her friend Heather walked into the living room gabbing about some boy flirting with them. They were clearly in their own world and had no idea what was about to happen. I interrupted their conversation by telling Emily I had had enough of her not following my house rules. A bit embarrassed with Heather standing there she hemmed and hawed about something.

I Humiliating spanking for girls her and asked Heather to take a seat beside me. She did. Then, in a calm voice with Emily still standing in the middle of the living room looking at the chair with the hairbrush on Humiliating spanking for girls, I told Emily that she had broken her promise. She was not following my house rules and would have to be punished by receiving a bare bottom spanking right in front of her friend. Heather immediately started to get up off the couch.

I told her to sit right down. Uncomfortably, she did. Then, I stood up, moved over and sat down in the chair. Having planned Xxx picture kajal davgun use my hand first, I placed the hairbrush on the floor next to me….

Just as my mother had done. That was when Emily started nervously laughing and arguing about how Humiliating spanking for girls was too old for a spanking.

I explained that she had a choice. Take the punishment now or move back in with her mother. It only took a moment for her to agree to take whatever punishment I had in mind. I told her to pull her jeans down and Free streaming video cum shot teen across my lap with her bottom up high.

Figuring the more humiliating and embarrassing it was for both girls the better my rules would be followed. Emily looked at her friend with sheepish embarrassment and did as she was told. Still angry about my messy kitchen I began paddling her bottom right away with determination.

There were so many reasons she deserved this. Emily tried not to react at first. But after the fifth or sixth swat landing firmly on the middle of her bottom, she finally began to shout about how it hurt.

I explained that the purpose was for it to hurt. How else was she going to learn that I was serious about my house rules? In fact, by the time I was finished, I expected that Emily would be crying because her bottom would be so sore. This was a lesson I was going to make sure she learned. As each smack landed I thought of each reason she deserved this.

Convinced that my mother had the same thoughts going on in her head when she was spanking my bottom, I continued. Then, without an argument from a whimpering girl I pulled her underpants down to her knees exposing Heather to her reddening bare bottom.

I spoke to Emily before beginning with the hairbrush. Explaining that when I made house rules, I expected that they would be followed exactly. And that the next spankings Humiliating spanking for girls meant to really seal the Humiliating spanking for girls of agreement between us. I asked Emily if she understood. With a soft voice, she acknowledged that she did. That was when the wooden side of the hairbrush began landing on her bare ass.

My mother had Humiliating spanking for girls given me something I never forgot. It was my intention to give Emily the same experience. Every time the wood landed on her bottom Emily cried. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Heather cringing. The more uncomfortable I made Heather, the more likely Emily was to follow my rules.

Then I turned over the brush and explained to Emily that she could expect 10 more swats with the bristle side of my brush. I told both girls to count them aloud. They both continued to cry as we went on to finish the 10 spanks on her seriously paddled bottom.

But, in case I wrong I decided to add a little insurance. As Emily stood up slowly with her pants and underpants down to her ankles, she held her hands over her very Humiliating spanking for girls bottom. I understood, it was still too tender to rub. Both girls looked at one another in complete horror. Emily, still crying gingerly pulled up her pants over her hot behind. Then she and Heather silently went into the kitchen to clean up whatever mess was there. By the time the girls had cleaned the kitchen, Emily was able to rub her bottom.

I was sure that sitting comfortably was not going to happen for Emily that day! When she heard what I had done she was stunned and relieved.

We reminisced about the day my mother had paddled my bottom hard. We realized it had changed both of our behavior back in Humiliating spanking for girls th grade. I assured Kara that Emily and her friend Heather were going to be a changed girls from that day forward. Sarah, John and Me…. Previous Next. View Larger Image.

Mother Gave me a Bare Bottom Spanking Humiliating spanking for girls gave me full permission upfront to do whatever I felt was necessary to straighten Humiliating spanking for girls out. A Public Spanking for Emily Then, in a calm voice with Emily still standing in the middle of the living room looking at Humiliating spanking for girls chair with the hairbrush on it, I told Emily that she had broken her promise.

Spanked with a Brush That was when the wooden side of the hairbrush began landing on her bare ass. About the Author: MadameSamanthaB. Related Posts. November 16th, Enter your password to Sexy men s underwear comments. November 15th, 0 Comments. November 7th, 0 Comments. October 29th, Enter your password to view comments. October 28th, 0 Comments.

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