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There were also some trailers but that was it. The p resolution, MPEG-2 encoded footage was King dong jenna presley to pin down in King dong jenna presley of consistent factors making up the King dong jenna presley elements King dong jenna presley due to the likelihood of several directors and crews but all of the scenes looked pretty good or better, a few looking good enough that I thought they'd look sweet in high definition.

If you're a technophile demanding the best looking porn on the market you will want to rent this one first but I couldn't see passing it up over minor issues the video bitrate often King dong jenna presley around the 2. The audio was also nothing special, presented in a 2.

The vocals sounded decent here too, the straightforward nature of the material certainly assisting in making the production sound better King dong jenna presley some of the company's older efforts. Support Our Sponsor: Body of Review: Muffia is one of those internet companies you may not heard of until recently but they have been quietly getting better with all sorts of porn offerings of late, the most interesting of which are their porn parodies.

Of all their collected websites Great anime xxx porn, I figured the one I would least about was the subject of today's review of King Dong Vol. The movie took six scenes from the website's archived footage and placed them on DVD, providing a lot of fuck for the buck in the nearly four hour fuck flick regardless of who the well endowed men were supposed to be.

With performers like Shyla Stylez, Capri Cavalli, and Jenna Presley as but a few examples of the ladies, I wondered if any of them would prove to be size queens but given the men of the cast Voodoo, Jordan Ash, Alec Knight, and one I didn't knowI felt secure that the size issue was largely a figment of the advertising department. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:.

She asked him a lot of embarrassing questions since he was a movie star, leading up to the ultimate question about his pecker size. Needless to say, she assisted King dong jenna presley in making it grow, dropping to her knees to blow him before he reciprocated and licked her twat. The two then banged pretty actively as King dong jenna presley dripping wet pussy My real mom shows her pussy his admittedly average cock.

The scene ended with his modest load coating her face. The company website described it like this: "I had some reporter by the name of Audrey Bitoni come over to my house to interview me. She worked for some magazine there whos name escapes me. Anyhow she heard stories about my cock size She basically wanted to see first hand if all the stories were true. One question led to another and BANG we were doing it on my couch. She had fucking amazing TITs. Good thing the fiance wasnt due back till a couple hours.

She treated him like crap and he acted like a bureaucrat know-it-all, his audit pissing her off when he kept under valuing her treasures. She wanted to talk to him and he agreed, the two moving upstairs King dong jenna presley the bedroom where his audit King dong jenna presley until she showed him her physical assets, her growing smile matching the growing object in his pants.

She sealed the deal with her mouth, his cock big enough to make him a challenge that she couldn't resist or, sadly enough, handle orally. Capri was a modestly active vaginal rider here, far from the best but suitable nonetheless, taking the wad of genetic juice to her mouth when he launched it her way.

The website said it like this: "Pop star Capri Cavalli has not payed her taxes in a while. The IRS comes knocking at her door to do an audit which she is not to pleased with. The IRS man starts taking inventory of all her assets. She sees an opportunity to make a deal with the agent by showing off her sexier assets. She gives him the full star treatment and is pleased to see that this agent is packing a lot more than just tax forms.

Watch Capri give this pencil pusher the ride of King dong jenna presley life. She slipped him a note and met him at the door in her black bathing suit which left little to the imagination. He immediately felt up her Indian cute wet boobs bought titties and she unfastened his pants to reveal yet another moderate sized cock in the movie.

Compared to the one she was getting at home though, it was huge so she couldn't resist sucking him off, the moper fucking her pussy in return but eating her asshole before taking her ass too. The rest of the scene consisted of variations on the themes presented, the guy rubbing out his wad of population pudding to grace her face at the end. The company website described it like this: "Aletta is King dong jenna presley vacation with her old sugar daddy husband.

He goes off to the bar and leaves King dong jenna presley to unpack everything. When she gets there, he is to busy on the phone to pay her any attention. She notices the bartender and slips him a note to meet in her room. Once he gets there she King dong jenna presley full advantage of his giant cock and gets what she is completely lacking from her old bag of bones husband.

She wants all of Ramon in her sweet luscious ass and he is all to willing to comply. She found a condom wrapper and was determined to get some payback, Jordan just as good as any other mope in her eyes to do it with so she took off her clothing and put on a fishnet body stocking.

This apparel worked wonders for rallying him to her cause, her sexy accent helping too, his moral King dong jenna presley solved when she started pawing his pecker through his pants. They each did some oral on the other, the mechanical sex lacking any chemistry or passion, leading to various positions of vaginal sex. He then launched a load of genetic juice onto her face to end it, the feelings of guilt left unexplored for the moment.

The website said it like this: "Mandy has broken up with her boyfriend and goes to the house to pick up her things. When she gets there only his brother James is there. He goes off to his bedroom to finish his movie King dong jenna presley she stays behind to pack and plot her revenge against the ex. She calls back James to reveal shes only in a fishnet. He goes crazy for her fine ass and gives in to her seduction. He shows her that he is packing more heat than his King dong jenna presley while she takes full advantage.

She left him to finish up and started fantasizing about him on her bed, removing her clothing as she started masturbating at the thought of his strong arms around her. He soon walked in on her and couldn't resist peeping, Jenna fondling his pecker as she invited him in for a lot more fun than he had been having in the garage. He diddled her and she kissed him, this leading to a prolonged blowjob shot partially in POV fashion. He went down on her too but it wasn't close as hot as her work for the day.

They then vaginally screwed like a couple of teenagers until she unleashed his seed all over her face. The website described it like this: "Jenna has King dong jenna presley handy man working in the garage while she gets off on how hot he is. He accidentally stumbles in on her as she is fingering her self. Shes surprised at first but then takes full advantage of him.

She rides and sucks Jordan like a true champ and King dong jenna presley cums all over his monster cock more than once. Scene Six: Pleasing the Pole: Shyla Stylez, a curvy blond favorite of mine for years now, was up last as she sought treatment for her obsessive compulsive disorder. The problem was that she wanted to try anal sex and her husband thought it was wrong, Voodoo drawing pictures relating to his golden find of the month.

Her descriptive comments gave him some King dong jenna presley and his cure ended up being his own cock, her knob slobbing skills put to the test before her pussy and ass received him as hard as they could muster. There was some taste testing too but both of them enjoyed the penetrative sex, his treatment involving all the boning he could muster. The ending facial came from her hand too, Shyla jerking him off into her mouth in heated fashion.

The website listed the scene as such: "Shyla has a problem that needs immediate professional help from her shrink. She has an obsession with anal sex that she cant seem to King dong jenna presley off her mind. Shes going crazy thinking about getting rammed in her ass. The doctor has just the right medicine for her, gigantic cock. Shyla gets the full treatment from the good doc. Summary: King dong jenna presley Dong Vol.

Please note though that some of the cocks King dong jenna presley the show did not merit realistic consideration for higher grading purposes, the concept of the series itself needing larger cocks to rate much higher. In short, King Dong Vol. King Dong Vol. Audrey Bitoni King dong jenna presley Alec Knight. Support Our Sponsor:. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use - 18 U.

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