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Tantra is widely recognized as a way to seek a very fulfilling sensual, sexual, healing and originally spiritual experience. Parts of the massage are taken from traditional tantric massage techniques, but all in all it is not as ceremonial or traditional as classic Tantra. In some Tantra schools e.

I try to help you to achieve this through the continuous emphasis on all parts of your body during e. I do this with both physically and with spiritual techniques When we meet I'll be happy to expand and explain further if you are interested - Don't worry though, if this does not make any sense to you now, the only thing you will have to do throughout the whole massage is to lie back, relax and enjoy. Internal massage of the prostate - Prostate Massage.

The prostate is also known as the male G-spot or Sacred Spot. Tantric philosophy considers the prostate a man's emotional sex center. From what I have read mind you on the internet : prostate massage has long been used as a means Lattast att bli gravid erotisk massage vaxjo maintaining prostate health, and to promote increased sexual health.

It has been included in traditional medicine for centuries. From my experience with my clients prostatic massage can indeed be very powerful. I have found that with some clients stimulating the prostate is a gate Lattast att bli gravid erotisk massage vaxjo heaven, whereas for others it is literally just a finger up their bum and does not have much effect at all.

Please feel free to inform me about any areas of your body that are particularly sensitive either before hand or during, if I don't find them myself. There is no set rules and expectations about the massagee's reactions. One does not HAVE to get aroused at any point nor experience ejaculation, just as well as you are welcome to climax more than once - i.

I use a mix of heated unscented natural oils well, comfortably warmed oil. The experience I'd like to convey is a relaxing, pleasurable and energizing one.

I do find it important to not just perform a little bit of a body massage and then the Lingam Massage. I do believe that if one helps the whole body to relax as best as possible, in the end there will be the more sexual energy available and free to circulate around your body and whole being.

Ideally you book the Full Sensual Erotic Lattast att bli gravid erotisk massage vaxjo Massage at 2hrs, I don't recommend that because I make a bit more money, but because with this version I can let the Healing Energies flow unimpeded. For years I actually just offered a 2 hr version and very rarely did I have clients which were so relaxed already, that I had trouble filling the time.

Plus the nice thing about Tantric Massage Lattast att bli gravid erotisk massage vaxjo, that when client's are less Lattast att bli gravid erotisk massage vaxjo and more relaxed already the energy work becomes less remedial and more entertaining and blissful.

And one generally does not feel like rushing with such experiences either. If you come straight out of the office or cannot for which ever other reason have a shower in advance - don't worry - you are more then welcome to shower at my place before we start. I will honour you with a set of fresh clean towels and being showered myself in return.

All Energy Work is included in the price and there is plenty of it! Most clients prefer me to be naked, but I am also happy to wear shorts. I don't mind being touched that includes my cock and arse - I am confident that you understand though that this does not mean, that I promise or sell sex, necessarily cum myself or become erect!

Should you still have further questions, feel free to check my FAQ page, there is plenty covered there. Massage is generally seen as relaxing, de-stressing, balancing, de-toxing and re-energizing - but there are contra-indications under which massage is not advised.

Please understand that you receive Male Tantric Massage at your own risk. It is understandable that you might Lattast att bli gravid erotisk massage vaxjo looking for TLC if suffering from any of the above conditions. If you'd like to book a session please e-mail me on : info maletantricmassage.

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