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Wukong paced throughout The Jungle, frustrated at the feelings he was having and frustrated at his lack of self discipline. What he had done was an embarressment to him and his kind. The feelings that the experience had left him with were uncontrollable, or unbearable to say the Amateur hood black girl nude. Two days ago he was perfectly fine.

Yesterday, however, during a jungle trip to clear out a group of foxxes that were causing trouble in a nearby village, he spotted something that changed his usually cheerful, obnoxious attitude.

These feelings werent forced on him. These were HIS feelings that disgusted him. He was assigned League of legends annie nude locating the wolf lair that was causing all the problems for Cruael, a small League of legends annie nude town. Wukong had found it was in the same area as the golems he had to clear out League of legends annie nude months before.

How conveinant. A giant hole in the side of a mountain, the entrance was around 20 feet across and 15 feet high. Wukong guessed it was made by the golems. He was hiding in the brush outside of the wolfs newly acquired cave and peering inside. As soon as you entered the cave, it twisted to the left and allowed limited vision from the outside.

It was Probably designed to be like that. No wolves on the outside. Wukong advanced into the entrance and peered around the corner. A single wolf was asleep in the hall. Gaurd wolfWukong thought, and not a very good one at that. He guessed the pack was out to find food for the winter. Lucky for him. He crept past the League of legends annie nude gaurd, and the tunnel turned League of legends annie nude to the right.

He peered around the second corner, and what he saw had Amisha patel nude image him. He had found League of legends annie nude princess red wolf. He could tell she was the princess by the red skin, the Blue sapphire on her forehead and the sun symbol in blue on her thigh.

That wasnt what stunned Wukong. Wukong was stunned by what position the Princess wolf was in. She was head down, butt in the air, getting drilled by a massive White wolf with Green eyes and a ruby on his forehead. Wukong watched momentarily as the wolves continued their mating session. The thrusts were slow, but from what Wukong could tell, the princess wolf was in pain. Her eyes were shut Billy glide chloe chaos and she did not look the least bit comfortable.

Wukong League of legends annie nude have felt sorry for her if he wasnt aware of his own growing need. Despite the fact that Wukong was a sly talker and a flirt, Wukong had never experienced a womens touch before. He denied himself any form of pleasure as a way of self discipline. However, a different feeling inside was taking over now as he eyed the red princesses features, her pained expression and low pitched moans eminating from her throat. Wukong had never seen wolves mate before.

There one-sided humping and growls that came. The princess and her mate were facing a wall away from where Wukong was watching silently, and it allowed an excellent. Wukongs penis was now fully erect, and it was hard to ignore.

His 6" shaft was demanding release, but Wukong knew better. If he let his gaurd down, the wolves would have him for dinner for spying on their queen. Wukong needed to stay focused to his mission, to take out the wolves that attacked the road wanderers near Cruael. Since these were the only pack within 5 miles, it would have had to League of legends annie nude them.

The white wolf started speeding up his thrusts even more. It was one of absolute Tamil actor k. r vijaya sex fuck photo. Her sky blue eyes were demanding more from her mate, not asking him to slow. She was asking for his thrusts inside of her. Wukong noticed that her crotch was dripping wet. Wukongs hand stroked his solidified member in hopes it would ease its tormenting state without need of climax, but that did little to help.

In fact, it created feelings inside of Wukong that he had not felt in a very long time. Wukong stroked his member harder as the wolves panting became frantic and chaotic. Especially the females. Her moans and muffled yips were pushing Wukong near his climax within minutes.

Precum started to coat the tip of his member, and watching League of legends annie nude red-furred princesses face as she orgasmed underneath her mate was the most intense feeling he had ever saw on the face of something so delicate.

He could feel his Orgasm approaching, and, after all these years, he was finnally going to get release. However, sharp claws cut into Wukongs back, and he fell forward, into the sight of the two mating wolves who froze to acknowledge what had changed. The gaurd wolf behind him had woken up from his slumber, and pinned Wukong into the ground on his stomach, shocking him.

The princess and white wolf began approaching League of legends annie nude, ready to turn him into dinner for breaking into their cave. He was screwed. Immediately, he threw the gaurd wolf off of him towards the redcoated princess whose crotch area was still covered in sweat and semen, knocking her down and buying him the moment he needed to dissapear and place a distracting illusion for the White wolf to tackle.

While they fought, Wukong made his hasty getaway. Ever since his encounter with the Wolf and her mate, a pit had been left in his stomach. He wanted a mate. Somone to call his own, somone he could hold and care for. Somone that he could love. Since his failure to eliminate the figureheads of the Wolves coven, he had a feeling of loneliness and need.

He had to face it. He was in heat. Wukong froze momentarily. Wukong turned around to acknoledge the source of the voice. Annie, his lane partner, came out of the treeline. She was wearing a red V neck T-shirt and a red skirt that League of legends annie nude down to just above her knees.

Didnt she know winter was coming? On top of her head were 2 devils ears, and on her face was a mocking smile. As always. As she slow walked towards him, her skirt shifted in the wind passing through, revealing more then Wukong had hoped.

She walked past him, put one finger on his shoulder, and walked to the other side, making a line across his back. She must have saw where he was staring. She winked at Wukong, who just looked down League of legends annie nude the brat magician. Since she was a child, she had been an amazing spellcaster, summoning evil creatures and starting fires most magicians in their later years wouldnt even dream about. Now that she was older, her spells had increased even more.

Annie whispered into his ear. His eyes lit up. Irelia was the only person who Wukong could trust to help with such a problem. He didnt have any other options. How else was I going to learn you were in heat? Wukong froze up. Annie was taken aback. Wukong was getting mad.

Annie stopped laughing at League of legends annie nude and tried to look more composed. She trusts me, you see. She told me all kinds of things about you. What you like, your dreams, your puppy perversion, all that stuff. She told me where she wanted to meet you in private to fix your little problem. Wukong sighed.

He was getting sick of this. She gazed up into the sky, humming a tune to herself. Wukong sighed, beaten. Annie just smiled, and said:.

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