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Thread starter nynt9 Start date Feb 27, Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Jun 7, 10, 1 For the unaware, this is the phenomenon in question:. Apr 6, 57, 0 0 Vancouver Old people stop giving a fuck when they realize they're headed towards death at any moment.

Amputechture Member. Aug 7, 4, Arizona. I guess you just stop giving a fuck. I cant fathom another reason. Sep 4, 14, NotTheGuyYouKill said:. Soriku Junior Member. Aug 22, 15, 0 It's just a penis. Oct 8, 5, 0 Boston. I've long joked that I hope someday to be as carefree and happy as an old man in a locker room.

That picture of the guy with the blow dryer is spot on. That's just Tesseract Crushed by Thanos. Dec 7, 42, 20, 1, The Pentagon. Rad- Member. Jan 31, 15, 0 In my experience all ages get nekkid in locker rooms so I don't really Men naked in locker room shower this. However I have seen older men check out my penis few times after a work out.

Never happened with younger dudes. Antti said:. I feel like Finland is exempt of this problem because of our sauna culture. I feel everyone feels pretty secure naked, as weird as that sounds. No one would flaunt it, but it wouldn't make anyone too uncomfortable to interact naked, I don't think. Rad- said:. I mean what's up with that. Antti Member. Aug 12, 0 0. Sep 3, 1, 0 0 32 Las Vegas, NV.

SliceSabre Banned. Apr 3, 20, 0 0 Akron, Ohio www. Old dudes just do not care anymore they are way past the point of caring that another guy can see their sack dragging on the floor. Soph Member. May 7, 1, 1 0. How did it go for them as younger men? May 23, 18, 0 I always found this more funny then anything else.

It's too comical to get mad or weirded out by. Dec 6, 85, 1, It's a locker room. What do you expect? AdrianWerner Banned. Dec 27, 17, 0 0 www. It's just a human body. No reason to be a drama queen about it. May 16, 41, 8 I was at the local ymca the other day for my son's swimming lesson and as I'm bent over while changing him into street clothes I hear a guy go "looks like you had fun" to my son. I look up and there is an old naked guy just standing there with his balls at eye level and well within arms reach.

Men naked in locker room shower fucks given. No boundaries lol. I just small talk for a second and go back to what I'm doing.

Black on black crime felisha more amusing than anything. Jun 8, 47, 2 0. Everyone is an old man to someone. Eos Member. Jan 7, 3, 0 0. Tesseract said:. Pimpwerx Member. Jun 7, 26, 1 0 'til Men naked in locker room shower die. Men naked in locker room shower once volunteered at a Brooklyn JCC.

I had to clean the locker room one day. Those images are seared into my brain. Old men are shameless. Then again, we had communal showers in my high school, so after gym class people would jabber in the showers. Oct 9, 4, 2, 1, Give me a break. I'm not that old. Mar 27, 10, Men naked in locker room shower 0 Sydney.

DopeToast Banned. Oct 3, 1, 0 0. It's like their social hour. I can't blame them for wanting to talk to their friends. And as far as them being open with their nudity, it is a locker room so I kind of expect that. Jan 8, 4, 0 0. It's all innocent fun until the floppy 'copter fights break out.

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