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Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and Mexican curly hair amateur wife. My Cart. Like what you see? December in General Discussion about Curly Hair. Is this a common trait amongst Mexican-Americans? However, what's odd is that my dad has really straight, thick hair and my mom has thick, curly hair and I came out with 3a hair apparently. My Mexican curly hair amateur wife has waves but not as much curl as I do.

I've heard that Mexicans of more Native-American descent my grandmother on my dad's side tend to have straighter hair which would also mean darker skin. However I have dark skin and the curly haired spaniard Story femdom ws bd cuckold so I don't really see how that makes much sense.

Genes are random I guess Mexicans vary so much in ethnic types that it's hard to pinpoint a particular generalization about their hair type. Any other people of Mexican descent notice a similar pattern? KinkyKeeper Posts: Registered Users.

December My dad is Italian but had a huge fro so combined with my African heritage my hair is def. And even in my Italian family some are born with straight and others like my dad have very curly hair.

Hair is truly subjective. I think Fotos yaoi shotacon porno are more racially mixed than we think we are and hair within the same families can range from straight to very curly. But I just recently learned that black people can have blond and straight hair.

Like the Aborigines and people in certain parts of Africa. So that lead me to start thinking about the narrow labels we put on people. I now believe there are more races than we think there are. White, black, hispanic, asian and indian is really not enough to encompass all the diversity of skin, features and hair we all have. My Fotki. I am not personally latino. My father and the males in his family have curly hair. My mother and everybody in her family does not.

Go figure. I do have a sister-in-law and her entire family who are from Mexico. While I've never seen her hair "curly," I've seen it drying and know it would be curly if she would just let it be with some products.

As it is, she uses a curling iron. Her hair is very coarse, but shiny as hell. I Mexican curly hair amateur wife her sometimes. Her sisters 6 and brother 1 all seem to have straight hair. Her father and mother have curly hair. My SIL and brother have two kids who both have very straight hair.

My bro is the ONLY kid in the family with straight hair, but it seems to be going thicker is that possible at 35? I think it's all in genetics and where your family is from. My SIL's fam is from the same place in Mexico for generations. It seems that the further south you go, the curlier the hair gets.

I'm kind of glad you started this thread. I just wrote an essay for my class regarding stereotypes, specifically associated with hair. Looking at me people say "she's black. My father is half white and half African American although he and all three of his sisters are pitch black. It's weird where Mexican curly hair amateur wife dice land on genes, I can particularly say that because I was born with stick straight silky smooth hair,then i developed soft thick ringlets then i got f 'n' f Frizz and fuzz which has now turn to thick, coarse although my hair doesn't feel rough it feels soft waves and corkscrews.

Meanwhile my younger brother was born with coarse dark brown hair very fair skinned and now at 14 Mexican curly hair amateur wife a caramel complexion with dirty blonde hair. I get scared when people in my family have kids because you never know what's going to happen its like a game of yahtzee. I've seen many Mexican-Americans with wavy to very curly hair as well as super straight hair. Mexican curly hair amateur wife think it depends on their racial mixture.

Those with a lot of Spanish ancestry seem to have Mexican curly hair amateur wife equal chance of having curly or straight hair. In America, most of the Mexican-Americans I've seen with coarse, very straight hair and usually light brown to medium-dark brown skin tend to be appearance-wise predominantly of Native American ancestry indigenous to Mexico.

I think most countries and ethnicities have a curly hair trait, though texture, more so than curl pattern, tends to differ among some ethnic groups. Posts: 1, Registered Users Curl Neophyte. I'm Colombian. My dad has fine curly hair and dark olive skin. He's of native american, arab and spanish descent my great grandmother on my dad's father's side was native american. Her hair was so smooth that everything slipped off her hair.

My mom has thick curly hair and light skin. She is of native american and Mexican curly hair amateur wife descent. I personally have curly hair and olive skin. Many jewish, arab, german and italian immigrats came to this region. In fact, this city was made up of immigrants, and wasn't founded by Spanish conquistadores, unlike most Colombian cities.

As a matter of fact, Shakira was born in this city. She's of Mexican curly hair amateur wife descent. I'm not Mexican but my SO is. Both he and his parents have wavy hair. Although his hair is short, I can see little whorls at the nape of his neck. His stepsister and stepbrothers have 3a hair as well. My SO is pretty light skinned while his stepbrother and stepsis are medium toned. Her son also has 3a curls. I'm Mexican American! My dad on the other hand is dark not black but what Mexicans would call indio dark.

My two older sisters, I am the youngest, both have straight hair with a very slight wave. I have curly thick 3b hair. I guess thats where things get confusing because I am dark skinned. I get my hair from my maternal grandmother who is actually fair skinned and she got her hair from her father who was very dark very indio with curly nappy hair. Howdy, Stranger! It looks Mexican curly hair amateur wife you're new here. If you want to get involved, click Mexican curly hair amateur wife of these buttons!

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