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Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Were they actually Nude girls bathing in petticoat along with the dog in the Town's drinking water supply? It could be that they are bathing in a tank for restocking the steam engines.

It's called "Petticoat Junction" after all. I seem to recall that they were easily visible from the approaching train, which means it probably isn't a city water tower they are in. I may be misremembering though, the camera might have panned up as well as out.

And what 'junction' do you find under a petticoat? PORN, I tells ya! I had always assumed it was for the train. IIRC, the train passes Nude girls bathing in petticoat next to the tank.

Although the girls peering over the top of the tank is obviously shot on a stage, later in the credits it shows the girls, now dressed, walking down a path beside a watertower where the train sits. IIRC, the latter shots of the credits and stock shots of the train, tower, etc. So, jokes aisde, it is obvious that they were bathing, as noted above, in the water used for the train.

Plus, they didn't live very close to Hooterville, so it could not have Sexy amateur self pics water for the town's consumption. Sir Rhosis. Could someone pass the brain bleach, please? However, the Nude girls bathing in petticoat shot, where the girls are walking down the ladder beside the tower used the original cast, and was never reshot, since none of the faces could be identified.

Hence the phrase used by the testosterone poisoned, "Man, I'd drink her bathwater! Admit it: You watched that opening carefully each and every time in the hope that one of these days they'd pop up a bit farther before grabbing their towels I was a mere lad being babysat by my Grandmother.

Damn right I did. In many rural Australian towns, it was indeed popular to bathe in the water tower that provided the drinking water. At least, thats the impression I got from childrens literature, I don't know if it Nata lee nude photo in RL.

Well it was Hooterville after all. But they're waist-deep in the water. Maybe it should be Cooterville. Blue Sky for the win!

Damn, I always get to these things too late. Sounds like your market and my market showed the same episode of That 70s Show last night! Didn't Hooterville "exist" before Petticoat Junction? To answer my own question, on episode 11 of The Beverly Hillbillies, Nude girls bathing in petticoat year before Petticoat Junction, Jazzbo Depew mentions to Jethrine Bodine that "there is a dance over in Hooterville tonight. What a weird coincidence! Last night on the syndicated episode of That 70s Show, the gang was watching the opening to PJ Hot italian girls sex discussing, in great detail, the women swimming naked in the water tower with the dog.

I just figured it HAD to be the inspiration to this thread! You say that like it might be a bad thing. Yeah, well you say that like it might be a good thing. I'm guessing you mean Nude girls bathing in petticoat Saunders, as the first two black-and-white seasons have never been in syndication. Come on- that wasn't Max Baer Jr doing a falsetto? She also appeared as her Petticoat Junction character on five later Hillbillies installments and one episode of Green Acres.

As others have mentioned, the water tank was the supply for the locomotive of the Hooterville Cannonball. Actually, I don't think it was mentioned on BH until after Petticoat Junction had become established. Much closer crossover ties existed between PJ and Green Acres, which was also set in Hooterville, and various cast members turned up on both shows. Don't forget that Benji was in the show. I was so young I liked the dog better than the girls. In the early episodes, it was only the girls that were bathing in the tower, and pulled in their clothes.

The dog with its "petticoat" was added later. In one episode they actually showed the girls bathing inside the water tower, with a baby one of the girls? Nude girls bathing in petticoat got married and had a kid. It mighta been hers. Of course, everyone had bathing suits on. And the water was awfully low. I have never been that young. El Kabong, see post 23, above. Whoops, missed that one. I stand corrected.

Oddly enough I saw a few first season episodes just recently -- in syndication apparently on some odd station I never tend to watch also pre-Joe Gannon Dragnet -- wooT and the girls were SWIMING in the trains water supply not actually bathing.

Kate specifically mentions swiming to the girls as they return from the tower. Also, I always had a thing for Gunilla Hutton the first oldest daughter who later played herself, but primarily Nurse Goodbody on HeeHaw. And Lori Saunders was a true 60's babe to be reckoned with. You too?? A couple get close to showing what Nude girls bathing in petticoat water tower hid.

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