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The LRA has waged a brutal civil war against the Ugandan government since the mids. The war has had a devastating impact on the Acholi people of northern Uganda, and its human rights abuses have included summary executions, torture and mutilation, recruitment of child soldiers, child sexual abuse, forcible displacement, and looting and destruction of civilian property.

The Ugandan government has sought a military solution, deepening the destruction of Acholi society by forcing tens of thousands into displaced persons camps, where they have nevertheless not been safe from LRA attacks and have been subjected to arbitrary arrests, torture including rape, and other abuses by Ugandan army soldiers. In early Octoberwith the renewed LRA offensive, the Ugandan army ordered civilians in the Acholi districts to leave their homes and move closer to these camps.

From latethe LRA had largely retreated to southern Sudan, where it maintained its headquarters and training bases and enjoyed the support of the Sudan government.

Seeking food, and moving from its bases near Juba to the more remote Imatong Mountains in Sudan, the LRA looted food from and displaced hundreds of Sudanese families in attacks Operation iron fist uganda southern Sudan in late and earlycausing casualties and destroying villages.

Since then, human rights abuses connected to the war in northern Uganda and southern Operation iron fist uganda have escalated with resulting massive displacement and severe access problems for relief agencies.

The Ugandan army, lagging behind in Sudan, failed to protect civilians from these attacks in northern Uganda, and resumed previous patterns of Operation iron fist uganda arrests of civilians suspected of collaborating with the rebels, Operation iron fist uganda of forcible displacement.

More LRA troops crossed back into southern Sudan in Augustin what seemed to be an endless cross-border cycle of violence. The renewed military activity started by Operation Iron Fist has stymied efforts to start peace talks with the LRA undertaken by the local administration in northern Uganda and by a forum of religious leaders.

Human Rights Operation iron fist uganda calls on the LRA to cease attacks on civilians and civilian objects and release all underage soldiers and those forcibly conscripted while underage; and on the Ugandan government to relocate refugee and displaced persons camps a safe distance from the theater of war, take effective measures to protect civilians, and respect the human rights of Acholi civilians in northern Uganda.

The international community must insist that all parties cease targeting civilians and provide immediate and unimpeded access for humanitarian activities both in southern Sudan and northern Uganda. The presidents of the two countries agreed in to end support of these two groups and to restore normal diplomatic relations. The Sudan government was also motivated, after September 11,to disassociate itself from the LRA, deemed a terrorist organization by the U.

State Department. By then, Khartoum had already started to cut off food, medicine, and other support for the LRA inside Sudan, even though the Ugandan government had not taken any visible steps to cut off aid to the SPLA. The LRA had largely retreated into Sudan after an outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Gulu, northern Uganda, in lateand northern Uganda became relatively quiet.

The Sudan government's cutback of aid to the LRA weakened the rebel group but did not lead to its disintegration. To survive, the LRA attacked and looted southern Sudanese villages for food. Despite this incident, another Sudan government spokesman maintained that Sudan-Uganda relations were in "good shape. This was its first attack so far south. By October 2,the Ugandan government announced that somecivilians had to move away from their homes, closer to camps controlled by the government.

It gave them forty-eight hours to move. The government denied that it was having trouble "flushing out" the LRA Operation iron fist uganda. This area has been subjected Operation iron fist uganda a Sudanese government flight ban imposed on the humanitarian community for about three years, and the creation of new internally displaced persons there added to the misery that was largely out of international reach and sight.

In early April Operation iron fist uganda, the LRA attacked Sudan government-controlled villages, and military posts, near Juba, the largest Sudan government garrison town in the south, causing thousands to flee to displaced persons camps nearer Juba. The villagers reported to relief officials that their homes had been looted and burned by the LRA, they believed in retaliation for Sudan's support for the UPDF. As the UPDF was moving troops, heavy artillery, tanks, and armored personnel carriers into Sudan, the LRA was looting and razing to the ground at least six villages, according to the Catholic church in the area just across from the Uganda border.

The church estimated that the LRA had Operation iron fist uganda more than southern Sudanese civilians in these and other Imatong villages, and displaced more than others from a displaced persons camp in Imatong Center in one week in late April-early May Included in Operation iron fist uganda dead were Sudanese civilians living in Katire, mostly elderly, women, and children, killed with LRA machetes starting from April The LRA robbed, looted, and ransacked the village and surrounding hamlets of all food and valuables.

Martin Kenjii. In a separate attack, also denounced by the Catholic church in the area, the LRA raided at least three villages around Lokodi, which they burned to the ground, killing men and boys and raping young girls; some families were stripped of their clothing and locked in their homes for four days, during which time they were forced to drink their own urine to survive.

On May 9,the Sudanese government, through its governor in Juba, ordered civilians to vacate areas currently occupied by the LRA, calling on them to run for safety to several named towns, according to a Sudanese government press report. The Sudanese government, however, made no attempt to offer protection to civilians outside its garrison towns, even though the LRA was based in its army and militia-controlled territory. A few NGOs tried with minimal resources to provide for thousands of newly displaced civilians inside southern Sudan, both in the garrison towns and in SPLA areas.

According to U. One LRA soldier was killed. In Rejaf village the LRA killed one woman and looted cattle. After one of the displaced abductees reportedly returned with a threatening note from the LRA, the displaced persons in Gumbo camp began to spend the night in Gumbo village.

On September 9, a delegation of chiefs and elders from Rejaf called on Sudanese authorities in Juba, complaining of LRA harassment and theft from their farms in daylight.

The villagers slept in the bush at night for fear of more LRA attacks. Despite the displacement caused by this military activity, the government of Sudan has kept in place the three-year flight ban it has imposed on the affected area, preventing access to the U. In addition, on September 27, the Sudan government imposed a ban on all flights going into Western and Eastern Equatoria in southern Sudan from neighboring Kenya or Uganda, putting extra pressure on the southern Sudanese displaced inside Sudan by LRA Operation iron fist uganda. The ban was to be lifted on October 7.

The LRA's small contingent inside Uganda, left when it departed in latehad sporadically attacked Ugandan Acholi displaced persons and Sudanese refugee camps, and ambushed vehicles on northern Ugandan roads, but had Operation iron fist uganda in no major campaigns inside Uganda for a period of about eighteen Operation iron fist uganda. From Junethe LRA started again, in many small and large units, to loot and burn Ugandan villages in Operation iron fist uganda districts, camps for internally displaced persons established by the government, and Sudanese refugee camps, and to kill Ugandan Acholi civilians while abducting others for short-term portering and Operation iron fist uganda. It operated in units Mom saggy tits hairy pussy effective communications and evident central command and control, suggesting good equipment and training.

Its targets also included UPDF personnel, installations, and equipment. In Julythe U. On July 24 and 25, LRA soldiers killed an estimated fifty-seven people with machetes twenty-two kilometers from Kitgum town, in four villages of Mucwini sub-county.

The survivors fled into Operation iron fist uganda trading center and town for safety. In some Operation iron fist uganda the attacks, such as in Bungatira on July 22, Operation iron fist uganda LRA used landmines a newly-introduced weapon to threaten civilians to leave Operation iron fist uganda homes; in Bungatira the rebels then burned sixty huts. The LRA, in its attacks on Ugandan Acholi internally displaced persons camps, sometimes first warned the residents to evacuate the camps or else face the LRA.

It did this in Palabek, Kitgum district, on July On July 25, it attacked the Palabek Gem camp, looted some shops and the food supplies distributed by the WFP the day before, and abducted the headmaster of the school with all his family. In mid-Augustthe LRA announced that all humanitarian agencies working in northern Uganda-most assigned to internallly displaced persons camps-had to withdraw, or risk becoming targets of new attacks.

Despite this warning, relief agencies continued operations, although with scaled back staff and assets and few trips to the camps.

There are somerefugees in Uganda, according to the office of the U. Eleven LRA rebels were killed in the clash. The LRA also abducted five aid workers from the International Rescue Committee IRCreleasing them after five nights of captivity; on the second day demands were made in exchange for their lives.

The LRA looted all the relief food recently delivered to Achol-pii camp, and burned what it could not carry; it also burned dwellings, vehicles, and administration buildings, forcing the camp's 24, Sudanese refugees and relief staff to flee the site. Some refugees fled back to Sudan, but the majority fled to non-Acholi areas of Uganda. The UNHCR began to settle these displaced refugees into alternative sites in other parts of the country. Most Sudanese refugees in Uganda live in Adjumani district, which is west of the three Acholi districts in northern Uganda.

On July Operation iron fist uganda,in an LRA attack on the Maaji camp housing 11, refugees in Adjumani district, LRA soldiers killed five Sudanese refugees, abducted five, and burned a grinding mill, five classrooms, and houses. The day before this second attack on the refugee camp, LRA troops attacked the town of Adjumani in its biggest raid since Achol-pii, looting shops, burning dozens of houses, and abducting more than fifty people.

The LRA's behavior has changed since it left Uganda in in previous years, the LRA carried out mutilations of those it believed to be government informers and others, and in this no longer seemed to be the case. In addition, relief workers in northern Uganda observed in that the LRA conscripted fewer people, adults and children-perhaps because it had lost its safe rear bases in Sudan where it trained them.

Inthe LRA continued, however, to abduct some people apparently on account of their suspected government connections. And Acholi Ugandan children were still abducted, despite the fact that overall abductions were down.

One boy of seventeen told an organization working with children in northern Uganda of being abducted by the LRA on the night of August 13, He was marched around Operation iron fist uganda nine days, during which time it rained and he and the other women and children abductees were barefoot and slept in the cold bush without a blanket. He was taught how to dismantle, clean, and assemble a gun, and witnessed the summary execution of two government local defense men, wounded, who were killed with an axe and panga long knife.

An abducted boy caught escaping was executed in front of all the abductees with a knife on the barrel of a gun. The LRA has not stopped brutalizing its captives. LRA Interference with Relief Activities With the increasing displacement of Acholi Ugandans from rural areas into towns, the need for food assistance in the three districts in northern Uganda escalated.

The U. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance OCHA projected in September thatdisplaced people would lose their current harvest and the smaller second harvest as they did not have access to their fields.

They would be in need of food aid for another year. The WFP was forced to suspend food deliveries there for one month in Junehowever, due to the return of the LRA to northern Uganda and the resultant insecurity.

This resulted in a dramatic increase in levels of malnutrition among displaced children. After the return of the LRA, the WFP assessed that it needed to deliver percent of the food needs of the huge population in its care.

In August, despite some deliveries of food aid to outlying areas and resumption of some non-food item deliveries in the Acholi region, the situation remained tense and many displaced remained beyond reach because of insecurity. The congestion in the hospitals and towns of overnight refuge seekers diminished.

But the displaced were still crowded into inadequate conditions of health and safety and shelter at a time when relief agencies Operation iron fist uganda to scale down their activities because of insecurity.

It killed Operation iron fist uganda driver and burned the entire contents of the truck, worth U. The food was not stolen. The trucks proceeded to Kitgum but the food was not distributed Operation iron fist uganda locations outside Kitgum for fear of further attack, and the WFP suspended its activities in two of the three districts until further notice. Girls were sexually abused, and many kept as soldiers' and officers' "wives" or Operation iron fist uganda. The LRA has abducted an Operation iron fist uganda ten to twelve thousand children under age eighteen, one third of the total abductions, since it began its mobilization.

Of these, one third were under age twelve when abducted. Recruitment of Operation iron fist uganda is prohibited under international law and can constitute a war crime.

In mid, when the LRA returned to Uganda, a rumor circulated that the LRA was seeking to abduct children under twelve years of age. Fearing a repetition of the abductions, northern Ugandans living in smaller villages and displaced camps sent their children to spend the nights in nearby towns. Churches, hospitals, and schools filled to overflowing with children as young as four years.

At Gulu's main hospital alone, some forty thousand villagers were sheltering nightly during the month of July. The sleeping, sanitary, and social conditions for them were appalling and disease spread.

These children vanished back to their homes at dawn.

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