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I started smoking when I was about Peer pressure and all that at school. I smoked with the other girls for about 4 years, averaging 2 or 3 a day until I quit just before my 17th birthday. Since then, I hated the thought and hated being near people who smoke. I got married when I was 25, to a man I thought I loved, and who was into rubber and bondage.

Cutting a long story short, I ended up with a small closet of rubber gear before various Smoking and mask fetish lead to us divorcing in late I ended up keeping the rubber gear.

InI started dressing for myself — catsuit, gloves, heels, or a dress and heels, etc. That lead quickly to self-bondage games involving gags and handcuffs and hoods. Then in late September I finally got myself a gasmask. But this one — well! It completely encases my head, and has separate eye pieces. The front part where the long breathing tube used to be has been sealed off with a large rubber cap, which has 5 holes for air punched through it.

When the gasmask is on, it is airtight, and you have to breathe using air filtered through the holes, and the cap kind of pops in and out in Smoking and mask fetish to your breathing.

Anyway, the gasmask was a big turn-on, Smoking and mask fetish I could wear it over a gag hood and completely isolate myself. But getting air was a problem, so I made 2 of the holes larger and inserted 2-inch lengths of tubing into them to help me breathe. While playing like this one day, I realized the tubes, if longer, could be used as cigarette holders. I then got very turned on at the thought of forced smoking while in my bondage. So that weekend, I got a packet of VS menthols, and started to experiment.

First I inserted longer tubes through the holes in my gasmask. Once I was dressed catsuit, heels, corst, gloves — handcuffs fixed Smoking and mask fetish back of corset I taped up my mouth and cut two holes in the tape.

Then I put on a hood with eye, nose, and mouth openings and Smoking and mask fetish the ends of the tubes through the holes between my lips and pulled the gasmask Smoking and mask fetish place and zipped it up. I fixed the outside ends of the tubes to either side of the goggles, so they were pointing straight up and pushed 2 cigarettes into the ends, forcing me to inhale through them and the remaining holes in Smoking and mask fetish gasmask.

A flick of a match, and watching myself in my mirror, I lit both. I was hit by too much smoke Povd sarai worship pussy quickly, and smoked the cigarettes far too quickly.

However, pulling them from the tubes, I determined to try again another time. The second time was more successful. This time I took 4 cigarettes and, cutting the filters from 2, joined them end-to-end with the other two. Another modification I made was to plug my nostrils and add a third Smoking and mask fetish to the gasmask, which stuck straight out.

When I was dressed up again, I taped my mouth, cut 3 holes in the tape, pulled on my full-face hood, then put on the gasmask, inserting all three tubes into my taped mouth.

I then put the extra long cigarettes into the two side tubes still attached to the goggles of the gasmask and lit them both. Then, before I could stop myself, I handcuffed my hands behind me. Smoking and mask fetish effect was amazing.

I was encased in rubber, with two long white cigarettes pointing at the ceiling and glowing every time I inhaled, and a long stream of blue smoke poured out of the third tube each time I exhaled biggest turn on of all.

By pressing my legs together and rotating my hips and watching my reflection in the mirror, I managed to orgasm quickly, but then I had to walk the length of the house to get the handcuff keys, unable to stop smoking. This got me light headed very quickly, and also desperate for air. But when I got to my keys sat in a room by another mirrorI saw myself again and Smoking and mask fetish to undo my hands until I orgasmed again — something which left me weak and almost sick from the smoke.

Thanx for the welcome. I tried for the first time yesterday, and the hit was amazing. I looked very bizarre with 4 cigarettes sticking up from tubes around my gasmasked head, and when I lit them, the amount of smoke pouring from my air tube really got me wet and turned on. Came once while trying to walk to room with keys and came again trying to undo handcuffs while watching myself in the mirror.

Srangest thing was that after I had recovered, I immediately wanted to Smoking and mask fetish it again. Normally I need to wait several hours before wanting to force Smoking and mask fetish to smoke again.

First I now have a completely modified gasmask that I can use to make myself force-smoke up to 6 double-length menthols at a time. The tube is fixed to the forehead of my gasmask going across the top over the goggles of the gasmask.

A tube from it goes down through a small hole in the rubber I have glued and taped over the screw fitting for the big air hose in the front of the mask. I wear the gasmask with a full rubber catsuit with and open face hood so that once the gasmask is in place and zipped shut, I can pull up the open face hood and seal the mask in place. I have also started wearing a posture collar to lock everything on.

The Toddler girl sex underground thing that has happened is that a friend has moved in with me after separating from her boyfriend. She is a light smoker. She moved in at the beginning of November, and Smoking and mask fetish first Saturday after she came, I got her a little drunk on wine and confessed I wanted to go to bed with her I have wanted to for a long time.

Anyway we did go to bed together and by the end of the weekend we were sleeping together and having sex most nights. Then she tied me up, and after asked if I had any toys. I told her I did and started showing her my latex and vibrators and stuff. She asked me to show her, so I did a full dressing session, including the gasmask, but before I put it on, I showed her how I make my cigarettes and made her watch as I gagged myself with tape, made the breathing holes, plugged my nose and then put on the gasmask, sealed my suit and collar.

Then I fitted the cigarettes into the tube. After I put my gloves on, I did a little parade for her, and she started touching me and calling me names and telling me I was a kinky b h and just watching me breathe. Then, last weekend, she asked me to show her exactly what I do. So I dressed up again, put the keys to Black hot africa naked handcuffs in the back room, put the cigarettes I had made before back into my tubes, gloved myself, lit them and cuffed myself.

It was very strange trying to hobble to the keys with someone watching me and I have to confess to not being very turned on, but when I got to the spare room, Smoking and mask fetish stopped me by the mirror and took my keys before I could use them and started teasing me, standing behind me and making me face the mirror in my rubber as she fondled me around my boobs and between my legs and talking to me.

She told me she would not let me have air until I came, and the smoke really started getting to me. By now I was really lightheaded and was having problems thinking. My throat was raw, my eyes hurt, and I need air badly.

When I did get undone I Smoking and mask fetish tore the tubing from the mask. Afterwards I had to explain that once I come, I need to be out of the smoke quickly as it is no longer a turn-on. We talked about it during the evening, and then she asked to try Smoking and mask fetish some rubber including a hood and gagged after I pestered her.

On Sunday I made two tubes, dressed her in a rubber leotard and taped up her face with black tape only leaving the tubes to her mouth Smoking and mask fetish air and a slot for her eyes and put and open faced hood Smoking and mask fetish her. Then I tied her to my bed and taped the tubes to either side of her her so they were pointing up and put a double-length cigarette in one and lit it while I unzipped her pussy and fingered her and talked to her as she smoked.

Yesterday Tina left to with with her parents for Christmas and I am on my own. This morning I dressed up and did a self-bondage session with my dildo panties on and 6 double length cigarettes in my tube.

I know all this sounds like fantasy, but it is ture. Sorry for being quiet for so long, a lot has happened with me. I managed to break two fingers in a car door, and that put me out of action for a while, then I had to go take care of some other things which has left me no real time for games and toys.

The good news is that a new catsuit I ordered after Christmas has arrived and I have a new hood that goes with my games. On the outside of the hood was a short rubber tube. I can now plug my nose and ears, then put on the hood Smoking and mask fetish my new catsuit which has an open-faced hood. I leave the hood of the suit down and the chin unzipped. I can only breathe thru the gag hole. Next I corset myself and padlock the corset on. Then I take my gasmask it now only has one tube.

The end is open Smoking and mask fetish air, but it has two short tubes sticking up out of it my cigarettes go into. Then I zip the gasmask hood on, leaving me just the Smoking and mask fetish for air.

I put the hood of my suit up then, sealing the gasmask on and use a posture collar to seal the suit in place. Tape aroun Bloom winx club porn head stops me from being able to pull the hood of the suit down. I use paper tape to fix them together. I fit the filters in the 2 upright tubes in my breathing tube and tape them in. My breathing becomes restricted only 1 free hole and menthol flavored. I use a lighter and hold my air tube so I can see the ends of the cigarettes.

When they are lit, I handcuff my hands behind me, and the fun begins. I have to walk to the room with my keys, unlock the handcuffs not easy and then try to remove all the tape with gloves hands also not easy. I wish I could claim that story. Sadly just one I found on a messageboard. Would love to talk with her now though.

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