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Today 21 August my parents, who are in their late 80's, tried to renew their 12 month landline rental save, as on their recent August bill, there was a Virgin media phone bills monthly charge for the line rental, and they couldn't recall receiving a reminder letter to do so. Upon calling Virgin, my dad was curtly told that this offer is no longer available.

Asking why he wasn't sent a letter to advise this, the customer service guy just said "It's been advertised on our website" My dad then said that they haven't got a computer, to which the guy replied something like "Well sorry, that's it then". So basically, another kick in the teeth to Virgin customers who not only are going to be hit with across the board Hot naked blonde girl peeing increases in the next couple of months, but also, without proper notice, we will all be losing a service which helped people save a little on their bills.

Well done Virgin for shafting us not once, but twice. You may be losing more customers very soon. Sad really. PS - I have logged into my own Virgin account I have broadband, tv and landline and cannot find anywhere reference to the offer being withdrawn. I shall look forward to taking Virgin to task when my line rental saver comes up for renewal in December. Virgin media phone bills to Answer.

Reminder letters advising Virgin media phone bills to renew the service before a certain date will no longer be sent out. So if you miss paying the annual charge before it Virgin media phone bills actually due, you'll be lose the option to re-join as you'll then be classed as a new customer, and it is new customers that are not being offered this Virgin media phone bills. So the fact that you may have been a loyal customer for many years like me from when it was Birmingham Cableyou'll be penalised if the continuation of the LRS is broken.

And it is so complicated to work out when your LRS renewal date is due,as it is charged in advance on bills. Janine lindemulder lesbian porn LRS is due to finish on 29 January Don't worry, I will!!!

Keep your eyes peeled playmates. I tried to pay my annual line rental and they told me there is no longer line rental. It has been moved into the package price so there is no longer any "line rental" to pay annually to save money.

I think that's utter cobblers Jean. Unfortunately it seems that Virgin are determined to screw us customers any way they can. Thanks for your post and apologies to hear that you've been unable to renew your line rental saver. If you renew it before it runs out then it will still Virgin media phone bills valid however once it's Virgin media phone bills, we're not able to add it back.

New around here? To find out more about the Community check out our Getting Started guide. Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - "How to pay my Virgin Media bill". My annual line rental saver runs out on 24 September To renew this, I dialledchose the line rental saver renewal option, and eventually got through to a foreign call centre. The person I spoke to kept telling me that I could not renew my annual line rental saver. I have attached a screenshot below.

After 50 minutes on the Virgin media phone bills I eventually gave up. The lady was impervious to logical argument.

She also refused to put me through to a supervisor. NB: You will need to copy and paste the above link in your browser's address bar Virgin media phone bills it does not show as a blue live link after I've posted this. I was not given the 30 days notice which Ofcom requires. Could someone from Virgin Media please comment as your foreign call centre was unhelpful and you can't send Virgin Media an e-mail like you could in the old days. This forum is all that's left to communicate.

NB: there is nothing to say that that the line rental saver has been scrapped. I don't know if anything has changed since 29th August, but I was able to renew my Line Rental Saver then. I dialledchose Virgin media phone bills Line Rental Saver option - which is in a very non-intuitive place in the phone menu - and after Virgin media phone bills 15 minute wait, got put through to someone who didn't know anything about it, and said they couldn't find an option to renew it on Virgin media phone bills system.

I said "how about customer services? He said "we're customer services. The guy who took the call there checked his system and said yes it's still possible to renew it, and did so.

Its not a price rise. You entered a fixed term contract for a fixed price. That contract, which you knew when you signed up only ran for 12 months at that price has run out. You would have also had a conformation letter clearly stating that at the end of the period the Virgin media phone bills price prevailing at the time would be charged. VM are therefore fulfilling their obligation to inform you.

The foreign call centres are again the issue here. I renewed via a UK call centre with no issues whatsoever. It was all so much simpler when the renewal was automated. As a Very Insightful PersonI'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media. Skip to content Skip to navigation. Go to virginmedia. Virgin Media Community. Sign in : Sign up.

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