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He tries to grab me around my super wide hips and big jiggly butt …. He gives a weak failed attempt before giving up and moving onto Kimmy. Kimmy dishes out Widest hips ssbbws pics punishment harshly and swiftly when she throws him to the bed and flattens him completely under her powerfully Widest hips ssbbws pics body. See this sexy update as well as many full weight, face sitting, butt dropping, squashing, jiggling sexy clips and pictures. I know you thought there was a little earth quake … 1.

In my hot new video you can see ALL the movement as my ass shakes and quakes as I wiggle my big wide butt from side to side. You see all the ripples running through my big fat cellulite covered thighs and up to my soft sweet ass cheeks. Watch as John struggles Widest hips ssbbws pics finally finding the strength Bollywood all actress fucking pics help me roll off and let him breathe. Who said you have to be thin to give a lap dance?

In this new update I sit on a lucky slaves lap. See how much wider Widest hips ssbbws pics hips are than him? Watch me work my ass against him then standing up bent over with my big booty and wide hips in his face. I know you wish you were the lucky one behind me.

Will it be you next time? I have wanted to try crushing some food for a while but just never had the chance.

Our last day at the hotel we Widest hips ssbbws pics some bananas and what better way to waste food than to crush and smoosh it with my big fat feet! Watch as I use my pretty fat feet to crush the bananas then smear them into mush. It may be hard to see him under all this big booty with my super wide hips crushing and bouncing on him but he IS under there. Watch as I bounce so hard my titty falls out of my bra! Everybody young at heart loves to bounce and I love to feel all my big jiggly fat rolls bouncing!

See Widest hips ssbbws pics big sexy fat thunder thighs spread on either side of the bed so I can get a good grip on the bed while I bounce. SSBBW enemy 1 finds himself under my huge ass and super wide hips. After so much talk about how much he can handle he acts like a complete bitch crying and screaming like a little girl as he struggles out from under me.

How wide are my hips? Wide enough that I take almost a whole king size bed on my own. See how impressively wide my big hips are? Look at these rolls of fat on my legs. Cascading like a fat waterfall down to the floor. Playing with balloons can be a lot of fun but the problem is you have to blow them up. Watch as I struggle to blow up balloons, getting out of breath and my face turning Widest hips ssbbws pics with each one.

Thinking they would be fun to pop … AND easy to pop with my big super wide and super heavy ass. The struggle is REAL … Victoria silvstedt nude playboy struggle to reach my short fat arms around my famous his and hold the balloon long enough to sit on it.

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