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My mom, like many of us, has never been terribly excited about Valentine's Day. She doesn't care about flowers or chocolates or any of the typical Valentine's Day chum. But as an English major and a former English teacher, poetry is her love language. I've narrowed down a whole lot of fluffy poems to create this lovely list of Valentine's Day poems for momsbecause that's exactly what my mom will be happy to see in her mailbox this holiday — so long as it's attached to a good stack of photos of her grandkids.

Your own mom might not be the only person you're on the lookout for sweet Valentine's ideas for. Maybe you're on the hunt for a sentimental option for your wife or your kids' mother.

Straying away from the traditional card and flowers combo can be a little Adult day poem valentine at first, but this list of poems offers quite a range that might speak to your unique relationship with the special mom in your life.

Whether you tuck a handwritten version of any of these poems into a bunch of flowers or tape them atop Adult day poem valentine heart-shaped box of chocolates, if your number one mom has Adult day poem valentine thing for poets, these these words are the sweetest gift she could receive on Valentine's Day.

If you've ever wondered who is behind all those greeting card poems, look no further than poet Helen Steiner Rice. In fact, according to the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation websiteher first books were compilations of poems she wrote and mailed her own friends and family. Until I became a mom, I really didn't understand the depth of my Adult day poem valentine love for me, and how darn patient she has been with me over all these years.

Good grief, have I been a brat on more than one occasion! It goes like this:. As moms, we all know in our hearts that we should appreciate the little moments with small children scurrying around, but sometimes it takes a poet like Robert Louis Stevenson to put that feeling into words. Stevenson was a Scottish author and prolific world traveleras explained by the website dedicated to his memory. He crammed many words and adventures into his 44 years, and his life is one worth learning more about — perhaps alongside your mom!

What Adult day poem valentine or man, for that matter doesn't love a poem by the legendary Maya Angelou?

If you imagine her melodic voice as you read the first two stanzas of her poem "Mother, a Cradle Adult day poem valentine Hold Me", it's even more moving. Does your mother have a flair for the dramatic? The author, who penned The Jungle Bookwhich we all know and love from the Disney animated version, describes the love he knows his mother has for him, in the most declarative language.

Can't you picture him standing on top of a hill, shouting to the rooftops about his mother o'mine? Rupi Kaur isn't only a New York Times best-selling poet, she also illustrates her own books with simple line drawings. If you are on the look-out for a gift to help your kids make their mom, this is a sweet option. Set them up with a few black markers and white paper, and ask them to draw their mom or a heart, if you have even smaller kidsin the style that Kaur uses. All Girl big booty naked what I learned about poetry came from my high school English class, but what immediately strikes you when you read "Another Poem for Mothers" by Erin Belieu is the imagery.

She perfectly describes the reassuring quality of a mom when she writes of her mother's hands:. One day, when I'm old and crotchety, I hope my children remember me as Irish poet Lola Ridge describes, "less an image in my mind than a luster. Most of us know Christina Rossetti's work because she penned The Christmas Carol, but you'll probably enjoy this sonnet dedicated to her mother. Increasingly known as one of the major Victorian poetsRossetti's words about her first love will surely touch your mother's heart.

New episodes air Mondays on Facebook. It goes like this: A Mother's love is something that no on can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take Adult day poem valentine love away. It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, And it Adult day poem valentine fails or falters even though the heart is breaking.

It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns, And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems. Adult day poem valentine is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation, And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation. A many splendoured miracle man cannot understand And another wondrous evidence of God's tender guiding hand. You too, my mother, read my rhymes For love of unforgotten times, And you may Adult day poem valentine to hear once more The Adult day poem valentine feet along the floor.

It is true I was created in you. It is also true That you were created for me. I owned your voice. It was shaped and tuned to Adult day poem valentine me. Your arms were molded Into a cradle to hold me, to rock me. The scent of your body was the air Perfumed for me to breathe. Mother, During those early, dearest days I did not dream that you had A large life which included me, For I had a life Which was only you. When it came to listening My mother taught me silence If you are drowning their voice with your Show will you hear them she asked Shen it came to speaking She said do it with commitment Every word you say Is your own responsibility When it came to being She said be tender and tough at once You need to be vulnerable to live fully But rough enough to survive it all When it came to choosing She asked me to be thankful For the choices I had that She never had the privilege of making.

Poems to mothers make us feel little again. How to describe that world that mothers spin Adult day poem valentine consume and trap and love us in, that spreads for years and men and miles? Those particular hands that could smooth anything: butter on bread, cool sheets or weather. Your love was like moonlight turning harsh things to beauty, so that little wry souls reflecting each other obliquely as in cracked mirrors.

You are less an image in my mind than a luster I see you in gleams pale as star-light on a gray wall.

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