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How to Do It: Most important: make sure it is wet. Wet, slushy, sloppy blowjobs are the ONLY kind of blowjobs. Next, the swirling, French-kissing technique is usually good. Purse your lips and let it slip inside, and then swish your tongue all over the head. Bj laying on bed, many guys like for you to vary it up, lick down their shaft, lick their balls, and Bj laying on bed on their balls. A good blow job might last 5 to 7 minutes.

Imagine you are a pussy, riding a cock, and you are trying to go faster and harder to get him and yourself off. That is the kind of rhythm you should be looking for. That will get him off.

So I hope that advice helps with giving a blowjob. Some last 5 minutes and are a prerequisite for sex, some last half an hour and are the main event Bj laying on bed. There is nothing as heavenly as having him eat your pussy and finger your g-spot to a glorious, squirting orgasm. It makes more sense — he makes you cum, then you make him hard and he fucks you.

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