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See More by gorerat. The sun shone down from the sky with an intensified heat, too hot for anyone to do anything or play anything. Facehugger on naked girl halo rimmed light glistened on top of the lake below, a lake near a small wooded cabin fit for Aunty back bra sex one person only.

Sadie laid on a her bench, her face pink and sweat dripping down her face; not even the shade of her cabin roof could save her from the heat. Her sunglasses stayed on her face as she pulled them back on top of her long dark brown hair which was splayed on the wooded arm rest of her bench. Her white T-shirt and small jean shorts where also beginning to plaster onto her pink thighs and body like glue.

The twenty one. Lily awoke in a room with a dozen other unknown women. Each girl was in their early to mid-twentys and each girl was naked. Very little was in common among the girls, some were blonde, others were brunettes, one was a red-head and the others had raven colored hair. And each girl had a different ethnicity, some didn't even speak English. But none of the girls knew where they were or how they got where the were now.

The room was white and metallic, and cold, so very cold. No one spoke, no one even dared to move. The silence was deafening, each time a sound echoed in the room, all the girls would quickly turn to the noice in a panicked mo.

Lying on her bed, a girl had a hand on her distended Facehugger on naked girl. Cindy Thomas had her eyes closed. The alien inside her had reawakened. It had been sleeping for nearly four months. During that time, it had grown rapidly. She's started to stay home from school during the second month of this. She was living at the doctor's house now. She'd been home to this creature for almost a year and a half. Her belly probably could've gotten larger, she hoped it didn't.

She looked as if she was ready to pop any day now. She'd never wanted anything like this to happen to her in the first place. For so long, she wasn't sure what was going to happen to her. Featured in collections. Xenomorphs by Justin AVP Stuff by mikail Featured in Facehugger on naked girl See All. A new series that I'm starting not that I need any more series which focuses on highly detailed ways for Amanda to "die", without worrying about any kind of story at all.

Future parts will contain every thing that I am interested in, from table saws to sticks of dynamite. Each new story will be "generic" and unoriginal, but highly detailed. Facehugger on naked girl my stories at my Patreon: www. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Very, very cool. Do you could imagine an Series of Stories like Facehugger on naked girl Dreams"?

MuchBirth Professional Writer. I'm not normally hyper into specifically chest-bursters. But good lord, you just about converted me.

The gradual, subtle progress of the embryo's development, her coughs as it grows, the thumps beginning, alarming at first, then gradually getting more painful And the way she was sweating, her body stressed at the invading, deadly creature, heart pounding, trying to keep her alive, and that amazing moment as it started to thrust harder, the bone cracking, that first bolt of pain timed with her orgasm!

And I like how Facehugger on naked girl still made it take a while, even after her orgasm, let Facehugger on naked girl settle back down into the pain of it breaking through flesh and bone before the end.

And once again, I'm not normally into consent on burst, but this is the best possible version of it I could imagine, shouting at her baby, exactly what she wanted it to do, what she wanted to have happen, as everything gave, ripping open, the pressure finally ending Oh yes. The only small suggestion I have is, some time ago, I read a piece in which the author described being able to feel the embryo moving as it developed, positioning itself as it prepared to start thrusting, being able to feel it slipping over the heart and Facehugger on naked girl. It would have been no more than a tiny detail, but I know when I read it, before "labor" really started, that feeling of movement, rubbing against those delicate, vulnerable organs, knowing it was almost time, was an amazing bit of info to add to the imagination factory.

Made my whole sternum tingle just thinking about it. As it is though, you certainly did get my sternum tingling just fine on your own, which is impressive, as Facehugger on naked girl not normally into chestbursting, as I noted in the beginning.

Great work, I can't wait to see more. Even Cock esp menasha red light district I Lisa ann inside pussy these stories, I still think of new details to add!

Such as the texture of the egg as she rubs it, and describing how she saw Facehugger on naked girl alien emerge from her, instead of just suddenly being there. You actually read a few details that the early readers didn't see. Maybe I made it too subtle, but I did say that she felt a fluttering feeling inside, which I assume is the same as feeling something moving around.

Moving between organs only seems odd that it would have had to break through the esophagus, and they seem to generally just go right for an exit instead of looking around inside.

I'll have to start converting you into other stuff too. I actually wrote that when I was really tired, and reading it again this morning did I mention I really liked it?

I did indeed notice you mentioned she could feel a snake-like creature slithering in her chest, which made me thrilled in all the right places. So that was my bad. And yea, I'm the kind of reader who delights in the details, every little thing adding Facehugger on naked girl to make an incredible whole. And I certainly hope you do!

This was an excellent piece I just had to favorite! I only seldom include chest bursters as I focus on belly bursting. I don't have any plans for future stories to include them, but I sure do love them!

Well should there be any more of the chestbursting variety you can bet you'll have me as a reader. Do you do requests btw? Very cool! I prefer the belly but still very fucking cool! You can definitely expect something along the lines of that to come. How about her begging a predalien to fill her poor belly up with many embryos, rubbing and feeling her belly as Facehugger on naked girl writhe around inside until it becomes too ripe and bursts! You know Gorgeous bbw with hot big ass wrote a good Amateur sex outdoors play when you make someone favorite something they don't always go for!

Then again, you'd be crazy to not like chestbursters. I'm crazy

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