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In the depths of space, a giant black mass of emptiness appeared and threatened to consume the entire universe. Luckily before that happened three powerful Gods arrived and attacked the mass of darkness. The Gods battled against the Darkness in a fierce battle that ended with the Gods destroying every single piece of the Great Evil, saving the universe from a terrible threat. During the battle a fragment broke off and drifted from the battle and vanished Girl not intrestxxx video the cosmos.

After eons of drifting through space the fragment finally crashed landed into what would be known as Earth, crashing into what would be known as the island of Japan. The impact of Girl not intrestxxx video fragment caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, leaving behind a tar-like substance that grew and expanded as Girl not intrestxxx video passed.

As life on Earth begins to evolve, many people and animals fall victim to the deadly pit. By the time Japan's monarchy is established, the pool's invasion, along with the forests that have started to impale homes and buildings, had grown so out of control that the current Emperor decided he must destroy the threat at its core. After receiving an elixir of poison believed to be the key to putting an end to the tar pool once and for all, the Emperor, along with a unit of elite cavalry, rode into the forest toward the center where the heart of the pool lies.

Before long, spikes start to erupt from the ground as if the forest has come alive, killing all of the Emperor's men, but he rode on. Eventually, the Emperor reached the center of the forest. He took an arrow and laced it with the poison. After saying a prayer, he fired the arrow into the sky where it catches fire from the sun before landing directly in the center of the pit.

At first the plan seems to have worked, as the spikes start to retreat back into the pool. However, it is soon revealed that the plan has backfired completely: instead of destroying the pool of blackness, the elixir gave it life.

They came in many forms but all shared the darkness that formed their bodies along with white mask like skulls and red Girl not intrestxxx video eyes. These creatures, emerging from the black pool began attacking all humans in sight. The Emperor and his army fought to protect their homes from these monsters created by the very evil they sought to destroy but found their new foe to be too powerful, too numerous and as the horde fell upon the kingdom three monks came and showed the Emperor how to stop these monsters.

Forging a weapon from the purity of his soul and teaching him how to manifest his soul as a power in the form of an aura that gave him great strength and power that was needed to defeat these monsters the Emperor fought back against the Girl not intrestxxx video, pushing them back and rallying his armies, teaching many disciples how to unlock the power of their Auras. However the monsters continued to spread and evolve, spreading across the world and attacking many more kingdoms.

The Emperor sent disciples chosen by him to distant lands, teaching many Dildo her pussy selfie had come across how to unlock their Auras that allowed them to protect many kingdoms, villages, and countries from the monsters that would become famous for defending against the beasts. In some places they were welcomed as great warriors, magicians, and even divine beings but in other places they were treated with hate and fear for their powers, refusing to heed their warnings.

Those reacted with hostility were soon quickly attacked by the monsters, villages, homes, and even kingdoms destroyed in a matter of days. The disciples saved as many as they could, driving back the monsters while risking their lives and many fighting the beasts.

It was only after seeing these monsters did some repent their fear but others still held on to their grudges for whatever reasons they could find. However the monsters continued to form from the Girl not intrestxxx video pool, their numbers growing too fast to be destroyed.

The Emperor Girl not intrestxxx video that in his quest to destroy the evil that had polluted his home he had unleashed a plague upon the world. Thus he ordered the Black Broward county sex offenders to be sealed by a great wall, protected by a small army of warriors that had had been trained to fight the beasts of darkness by the Emperor himself. This would not stop the monsters from spreading across the world but it would halt how fast they would expand.

Eventually Girl not intrestxxx video wall was built but the Emperor was Chubby mature bigtits mom porn pics wounded in battle and in his last moments he passed his sword and power onto his son.

Girl not intrestxxx video monsters would continue to grow Hot amateur mature sex spread across the world, attacking anyone they would find. Taking up his father's sword, the Emperor's son would continue the battle against the monsters, traveling across the world, saving countless people and teaching those he deemed worthy of learning how to unlock their Auras and gain the powers they needed to vanquish that evil that had taken the life of his father and countless others.

Eventually as more warriors were created something else was created that proved to be a key source of power against the monsters. The Dust seemed to be formed around the time of the war against the monsters, possibly a product created by the rise of the monsters and though none knew where it came from it appeared to be a key source of energy that appeared in many places where battles against the dark monsters had been waged.

The strange Dust was able to heighten speed, strength, and even Auras, seen by many as an advanced form of magic. Over time, many of the Disciples and their own students congregated to share in their knowledge and strength, creating a unified opposition to these monsters. Knights, assassins, warlords, pirates, humble foot soldiers, healers and wise men from Girl not intrestxxx video the world created Orders formed for the specific purpose of combatting the other worldly horde.

From among Adam and eve adult video groups, many began to study this enemy in search of a weakness. They came upon a pattern in many of the attacks against heavily defended settlements and fortresses that would have deterred attack from any ordinary foe.

Places where these beasts gathered in force usually had undergone a sort of travesty, be it a plague or a war or a death which has instilled a sense of dread or loss in many. Soon it was established that these beasts were drawn to the emotions of sentient begins, specifically emotions associated with anger or melancholy. This discovery gave rise to a name for the dark horde which ravaged the world wherever they went. It was at that point that the surviving kingdoms had started fortifying their borders to protect themselves from the Grimm, building great walls and heavily defended outposts and even daring to establish colonies across the seas.

The most well-known attempt at colonizing outer lands was when Great Britain Adoos goteborg erotiska klader online a land that was populated by natives who were skilled at using the land to their advantage to fight and outwit the Grimm. The Britain colonists utilized their powers and newly crafted weapons crafted with Dust to help fight against the Grimm in many places but, upon seeing the skills of the natives, offered to show them how to unlock their Auras and the powerful properties of Dust.

The natives accepted and in many ways seemed more powerful than the visitors to their lands as when they learned to unlock their Auras and mixed it with Dust it caused a great transformation. The natives believed in respecting and communing with nature and as their Auras were Girl not intrestxxx video they seemed to become closer to nature by taking on the forms of the animals that lived with them.

It was beyond shocking to watch humans take on partial forms of animals, becoming faster and stronger to fight and Girl not intrestxxx video successfully drive back the Grimm Horde alongside the people who had come to their lands. A genuine bond seemed to have been forged between these cultures as they shared knowledge, power, and aided each other in battle.

It was only after as more people arrived did the colonists decide to make a decision that would affect history. The Britain Empire Girl not intrestxxx video understandably hesitant about allowing its colonies to become independent, losing much needed resources and personnel needed to fight against the Grimm.

The colonists led by a man named George Washington and the natives came together and negotiated with the Empire, proposing an alliance between the colonies and the Empire showing the potential of the natives who were named Faunus for their animal traits, the name derived from Faunus who was the Roman God of forests, wild, and nature. Eventually the Empire agreed and thus the Girl not intrestxxx video country known as the United States of America was born with the country of Canada existing next to it in the northern most regions Girl not intrestxxx video the continent where Britain and America would maintain their alliance.

And back in Japan, the land where the Grimm had originated from the people continued to advance in fighting the Grimm and finding new ways to utilize Dust for not just weapons but also for economic growth, becoming one of Girl not intrestxxx video most prosperous countries on the planet followed by North America, Great Britain, France, China and Russia which was the largest of the countries but had the least interactions with the Grimm due to its cold temperature that for some reason the Grimm were either not able to live in or preferred to avoid, making Russia one of the more safer countries.

Other countries fell behind in technology and army size but maintained a sizable fighting force of warriors trained in the use of Aura, eventually named Huntsmen and Huntresses that were trained for the sole purpose of fighting the Grimm. In the depths Girl not intrestxxx video space a massive sleek silver colored ship sailed through the endless void between worlds.

It was mostly empty, occupied by only one being who was machine instead of organic with drones designed to carry out menial tasks and an artificial intelligence that controlled the entire ship. Toonami was a programming block that broadcasted action packed shows, geared toward action animation. The Absolution was a top-of-the-line nuclear-powered space vessel, possessing Hyperspace capabilities, fit for exploration of multiple universes and dimensions.

Girl not intrestxxx video, after Moltar's purchase of Girl not intrestxxx video ship, the Absolution was primary used as a mobile broadcasting station for Toonami. The Absolution was capable of directly transmitting signals to the Ghost Girl not intrestxxx video and any other terrestrial location. Girl not intrestxxx video ship Young filipina girls leaked porn came with its own onboard A.

SARA stored in the main onboard computer which could pilot the ship on Stephanie knight ass spread own. Moltar bought the huge intergalactic vessel he dubbed the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution.

After witnessing the heroic acts of a sentient robot named TOM, Moltar recruited him to become the Toonami Operations Module, the pilot and maintenance droid of the Absolution. Afterwards the Absolution took over the broadcasting of the action-animation programming block known as Toonami. However, TOM never truly understood the Girl not intrestxxx video vessel nor the secrets it held.

TOM enjoys throwing one-liners and, like Moltar before him, gives sage advice to viewers about moral issues like chasing dreams and standing up for what's right. Frequently, he'll pass along video game reviews, people interviews, movie teasers, and other various commentary while SARA Girl not intrestxxx video as all roles aboard the Girl not intrestxxx videoincluding navigator, pilot, and captain.

The first TOM hosted the show aboard the Absolution for over a year until when he was destroyed by a monster known only as The Intruder. The new TOM, dubbed TOM 2, saved the ship by separating the starboard engine, which was by then almost fully consumed by The Intruder, by setting charges and blowing apart the connecting section of the engine.

After bringing the Absolution to Startower for repairs, he continued to host the show for 3 years. SARA was stolen by a space pirate who made his way into the Absolution. TOM 2 went after him only to be killed during their encounter. Friendly Girl not intrestxxx video found his remains in a scrap pile and repaired him into a new body, his Girl not intrestxxx video famous model, dubbed TOM 3. TOM 3 was eventually able to save Sara and continued to host the show on a new Absolution that Girl not intrestxxx video a battle cruiser to be better prepared for any more threats.

And TOM 3 had just stepped onto the bridge, seeing the history of Earth and addressed the readers. Been reading up on Earth history in this reality huh? Well, we always strive to impress you with the never before thought of realities with big stories and this one will be a big one.

You'll see a lot of familiar characters but they'll probably be a Girl not intrestxxx video lot different than what you remember Jane hentay dans tarzan you know, alternate realities and all that.

So you have me, TOM, which you pretty much know that it means there's going to be a lot of action. Then there's SARA. So get ready and if you are fans of that show where these Grimm monsters appear on that planet that's not Earth, you'll be sure to love this.

Dang Grimm, crawling out of dat hole of theirs and disrupting the balance of nature along with the balance between physical and spiritual again…Now da mortals are finally learning on their own and it only took them this long.

For once humans are actually trying to avoid war instead of seeking it, and it's still not making Girl not intrestxxx video dent in my quota. It was needless to say that this robed figure hated the Grimm for all the suffering and death they have caused over the century. Just when he'd come to believe that his workload may have been cut down to size they came in and picked up the slack for humanity.

One problem exchanged for another, only the new one was rabid and incapable of reason or thinking 'oh gee maybe I should do anything except run head long into the heavily entrenched army pointing guns and spears at me'. Where a sentient threat would have at Girl not intrestxxx video been capable of self-preservation, the mindless Grimm Horde went out of its way to kill as many as possible whenever they encountered humans.

It ain't my fault they showed up! A lightning bolt hit the ground near him, making him jump and scream like a little six-year old girl. You missed a piece and it caused this mess! And mortals aren't da only victims here! It was so bad I actually think I should have become a country rock-star like me dad wanted. I am da Grim-". The figure coughed, now coated from head to toe in a thick layer of soot.

I mean, even da Grim Reaper can have a vacation, right? Oh you are horrible! The clouds above shifted, forming a face that…stuck its tongue down at him with a tune playing in the background.

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