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Yeah, thanks for that vaguery. She looks beautiful, but the backdrops Thick asian big ass me laugh. Know what I mean? Via Sports Chosun. Tags: Lee Da-haephoto shoots. Your email address will not be published. The limp and disheveled picture is ridiculous. I like the more spunky one in the light blue dress. I love TLo! Anyways, in response to the pictures, I'm not feeling much of anything except "pretty".

She wasn't involved in any huge scandal per se, but there were a bunch of little things, such as the time she immitated Filippino accent, suddenly dropped out of East of Eden, dropped out of another drama etc. Plus, each time she apologized, it sounded like: "I'm sorry She Lee da hae nude picture dropped out of my favor though. I don't know why, but I just like her. Even though this spread does nothing for me.

She's beautiful, I get that, but why are the dresses and the hairstyles and the scenery Lee da hae nude picture I also like her and I really Lee da hae nude picture mind any of Lee da hae nude picture bad PR about her.

Most of the stuff you read Ebony moms spreading pussies the news are fabricated anyway. Media sucks.

Social media too. She's human and she just happened to make mistakes in the limelight. Big deal. I prefer that than "perfect images", and then you'll be surprised later on when they get involved Lee da hae nude picture a scandal. Character and reputation are two different things people. Some of the comments down are absurd. So just because she shows a little skin she's "slutty"? And suddenly showing some skin means she isn't beautiful or classy?

This is a very shallow and short-sighted comment I hope you will reconsider. Lee Da-hae looks absolutely stunning in these pictures and it is disgusting to see her belittled because the shoots don't have her wrapped in a prude potato bag. Lodging a complaint against her acting?

Slut shaming her for what she wears in a shoot? No doubt about it she is a beautiful,classy person. Same here. I've liked her tons ever since My Girl I've seriously been contemplating rewatching that btw -- didn't fully appreciate it until it was almost over, now I get crazy nostalgic when I listen to the soundtrack.

I'm so glad she's "back in good standing". I was getting tired of people hating on her. She's so cute and pretty! Later inDoherty's ex-fiance, Dean Factor, obtained an order of protection against her after Doherty allegedly pulled a gun on him and "threatened Lee da hae nude picture hire a few guys to beat me and to sodomize me".

That's precisely what I think! Why the long plane rides if you're just Lee da hae nude picture to shoot indoors? But she's so pretty. Still, I'll always miss her plump cheeks from "My Girl".

She got too skinny since then. Absolutely agree with you about the cheeks!!! I was thinking that her face missed something important I think that the long plane rides are just meant to justify shopping overseas? Or at least I hope so!!! I have always wondered why the long plane rides when most of the time the shoots are in doors or a common background.

I never understand why they have to go all the way to California when they could find these same scenes in Korea. I never liked her, her acting is empty, does not matter how she looks if she can't act. She's like a doll. I kind of agree, since I'm not Korean, I really don't know all the in and out and Lee da hae nude picture stories I can only say that when ever I see her acting it is always vague to me.

The second photo is a good example it looks like she is very pretty but Lee da hae nude picture out. If you didn't say this is a photo shot in LA I wouldn't have known it. I think someone just wanted to fly to LA for some shopping? I echo the same sentiments,why travel long distance only to take boring shoots??? She is cute but the shoots are notjing special and could have found a similar place in korea,anyways I only Lee da hae nude picture her in My Girl, but the succeeding films, I don't care much in watching them anymore.

I guess, I couldn't just forget that incident of demoralization she did. And that changed my perception of her as an actress. I may be biase, but I don't really care. By the way! She looked really gorgeous outside, but rotten inside because it's so obvious she underwent a lot of plastic surgeries. She is a good-looking girl but can't say the poses or the backdrop are interesting at all. Too bad. Sometimes one wonder why they even bother That just kills me. As for the fashion spread I'm not talking about LDH.

She's flawless as ever even if I'm not a fan. It's the clothes, the backdrop, and the photography. Even then, the 1st pic has some weird light blurring thing happening in the middle of the chair right under LDH. It's distracting. Korea is such a gorgeous country already honestly, when i went last year first time, i was v v impressed with the country i wanna go back in a heart beat The comments seem always going to the same place everytime Lee Da-hae or Gu Hye-sun's article coming up.

Wonder why? Lee da hae nude picture cookies for everyone who feels bored reading about it. Both are very noticeable locally and internationally, hence we can see the antis, it is unavoidable, and is expected if the actresses are very talented and beautiful actresses. Those actresses that appeared in this blog and without antis are still new and small fans based. I think the attacks are mostly directed to their fans rather than the actresses.

I assume they Nude girls on tropical island still normal kids, you can't simply hate people by just reading, watching the news. We can read the psychology of the antis here, eventhough not proven scientifically why they behaving like that, but it is fun to read though, especially the menstrual part.

In other words, the antis here are still mild, compared to this article. Ahen to that, Shiku. It seems like the favorite weapon du jour against any sort of point of view people don't agree with is to label it extreme: obviously the ravings of an anti or whateverphobe, which can therefore be ignored and belittled.

Honest debate and thoughtful discourse are terminal, if not dead. How true, Shiku and skelly. Lee da hae nude picture be labelled an anti when one is sharing one's thoughts and opinions honestly is sad indeed. I share your weariness. Most of the reader and the commentators here at are not NEW, but many play an angel. Just read the articles, so scarry, I think Lovelyu indirectly classified those anti here as type 1 category- 'The first category is the "regular anti.

I too think it's too narrow a view to pin labels like "antis" when it's just a reasonable and honest opinion shared. Does having an opinion about someone's acting capability makes one an anti? I think Kim Tae hee is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but until "My Princess", her acting has been subpar.

I love YEH, think she's beautiful, got irritated by her constant crying in Princess Hours, never bothered to catch her other shows. So yes, that makes you an anti. Why even waste your time? I personally adore her, and I think she is really gorgeous.

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