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I want you to wear the outfit I bought for you tonight. The leather outfit was hot! It was a leather bustier that squeezed her yummy boobs together and the bottom part was just a little thong that covered her hot Ass. Abhishek had planed all week his latest surprise for Princess Aishwarya.

They had married for almost 1 year Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club In addition, Aishwarya was willing to Tumblr sexy valentine lingerie anything that he wanted her to do for him. She liked to please her man and tonight he wanted to surprise her with a couple of his male friends. That he had invited over tonight Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club join them.

Aishwarya had just finished putting on her new outfit that Abhishek had bought her recently for her birthday. She was checking it out in the mirror.

The outfit was so tight on her that it actually hurt trying to squeeze her big 34 breast in the tight leather bra ouch! It pinched her skin as she tried to stuff her over size breast in the much smaller cups of the outfit. The top was low-cut so much in fact it barely covered Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club nipples and the tightness Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club the bodice was painful to wear because her tits were so mashed together in the outfit it hurt her boobs trying to squeeze them in the top.

Aishwarya turned around to check the back of the outfit in the mirror. It was no more than a leather thong that went inside her curvy butt cheeks leaving her ass exposed. Ash knew that Abhishek liked looking at her hot ass. Abhishek was getting anxious waiting for Aishwarya to show up at his place.

He was confident that Aishwarya would agree with his ideal of being with him and his friends. Because he knew when Aishwarya was aroused, she behaved like a bitch in heat and was a total slut in bed, which made Abhishek one happy man. He was pleased he was marry such a slut for a partner.

Abhishek knew Ash would be willing to do anything to please him. He is dreaming he will get some good roles in Hollywood by the help of Ash's sweet pussy Aishwarya put on her coat to cover her slut!

Outfit but she took one more look at herself in the mirror. She loved looking at herself almost as much as Abhishek did. I am a conceited little bitch. I have big tits and a great Ass. Abhishek instructed his friends to wait outside the room. He wanted to Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club sure the princess was hot before the two friends came in. The two men were very thrilled about the chance they may have to fuck Aishwarya Rai However; they really did not want to stand around waiting for Abhishek to get his groove on with Ash while they stood around doing nothing.

The room had two-way mirrors built in and had a great view of the bedroom. The two men looked the room over. When did you add this room to your crib?

You get to slam the spoiled little bitch whenever you want. I am one lucky man but you do not know the half of it yet! What is this shit?

Abhishek replied to his other friend, "No Adi, we do not watch porno movies. That you have made porno tapes of Aishwarya? She loves them on camera. In addition, both men were very excited at the prospect of seeing her x-rated talents on film. Abhishek could tell that his friends were excited by the thought of his hot wife's x-rated escapade that was caught on tape.

He was curious now wanting to find out Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club Aishwarya was like in bed. She likes me to fuck her ass. While I spank her big butt and she also loves anal sex. In addition, her favorite position is doggie style. Abhishek could tell that his friends' dirty minds were probably imagining all sorts of things right now, like what Aishwarya was doing on those tapes.

Nevertheless, he knew that they would soon get to find out for them selves how hot his little princess got in bed. She likes to do everything, I tell her to do. Ash is the perfect sex partner. Because she is one hot, fuck and always ready to please me. Just be patient you will not be watching for long I promise. To be honest with you both Aishwarya knows already. She likes to have sex in front of the camera it really turns her on.

Aishwarya also likes knowing that she is being watched. Brad pitt and angelina jolie fake she is having sex, it really turns her on. Ebony jenny hill tits, I do not want to watch you two together fucking. I want to fuck her myself. Just be patient and the evening will be great for both of you.

I promise you will not be sorry. Sam, you really think Ash will be cool taking on the three of us at once. I know you will not be sorry.

Wait until you see the outfit she is going to be wearing tonight. The bodice is low-cut. You can see almost all of Ash's breast and her nipples poking out over the top. It is so tight it really squeezes her boobs together.

Aishwarya's breasts are squeezed together so tight in the bodice they look like big balloons ready to burst. Oh yeah the best part of the outfit is the bottom half its no more then a thong covering her fat ass. He just wanted her naked and willing. I want Camera hidden pic voyeur fuck the slut! In addition, I do not give a shit about what your bitch is wearing tonight Abhishek. I am only interested in getting her naked and pounding the hot little bitch of yours tonight.

You are going to get that from Ash. Tonight I promise Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club that. They planed another evening of hot sex. In truth, she could not wait to get naked and take off the damned outfit! It was too uncomfortable to wear. Her boobs were sore from being squeezed together by the tight bodice and the thong was rubbing her pussy as she drove it feeling uncomfortable to wear right now.

The thong was ridding up her crotch as she drove. It was also rubbing across her clit. It was making Aishwarya Rai very horny as she drove her car to Abhishek's place. Aishwarya was getting hornier by the minute for the outfit was rubbing against her pussy. She was wondering what her lover had in store for Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club tonight. Aishwarya liked fucking Abhishek. He had a big dick that could fit her big ass perfectly and the sex they had was awesome. She could not wait to get to his place and find out what the evening had Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club store for her.

Right now her pussy was getting hot just thinking about having sex. Aishwarya knew that Abhishek was going to have friends over to watch them as they fuck. However, Just the thought of someone watching them while they had sex was making Aishwarya more and more anxious to get to his place. I cannot wait to get there. Getting out of the car, she decided to remove her coat knowing that no one would see her. The house was secluded in the Khandala Hills and very private.

So with out fear of being scene 'she left her coat in the car" And proceeded to the door. Aishwarya enjoyed the night air that was blowing on her exposed flesh. The low-cut bodice exposing most of her cleavage and her thong left her big ass jiggling as she walked. In truth, the outfit may look sluttish! However, she felt very sexy in Naked fuck aishwarya rai to club outfit.

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