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  1. Lol, well good to hear from you. you re doin quite well; luv your new vids. hope we get to make one 2gether sometime.

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We'll ogle anyone we want to ogle, including your little brother, until we realize that nice bulge has a timer on it. I wonder if Iran allows gays in the military. Are Hd beautiful girl pussy guys hot?

They're also cut, just like Israeli boys Palestian guys are hot too - they look just like Israelis. There are a few living here in Israel because they can't be gay in Palestine - if they are caught they could be killed. You just know that they all smell funky, and with those hairy, unwashed butts, dingleberries are a GIVEN.

How fun to see the cute Israeli boy-men having so much wacky homo fun together in between bulldozing Arabs' homes down, manhandling little old Arab grandmothers and shooting at a little Palestinian boys.

I saw nude Israeli soldiers down at the Dead Sea. They were stunningly beautiful. If they are not shy about being photographed in the nude, but the do have beautiful bodies to share with people. And yet, R55, those bottom of the barrel US soldiers have to do the fighting and the dying for Israel because those war-mongering cowards don't believe in sending their own off to die in battle.

Correction, R The Congress is not "Zionist-occupied. Get over it. He can't get over it, r He'd Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier rather believe in conspiratorial explanations than accept that most U. First I have been to Israel and I would suggest that these men are typical Israeli men.

In Israel Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier Gay is not, I repeat is not illegal. Secondly Gay Men serve openly in the Israeli military in all branches. So enjoy fellas!!! So how come the pits thread and half a dozen other great threads hairy chests! You'll spew that lie, and in the next breathe cry how America is antisemitic.

Keep it up, little Zionist shitbag! Fifteen percent side more with the Palestinians, down slightly from recent years. While you douches are fapping, Israel is systematically destroying Palestinian homes and lives. R71, Eliad Cohen is an Israeli gay model, best known for appearing on the Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier of the Spartacus Gay Guide a couple of years ago.

You'll find R77 active on the Holocaust denial thread. He's also appeared on the Horace Mann thread, e. R77 seems to forget how much more progressive and pro-gay the Jews are compared to most of the other religions out there.

These guys are Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier. I went to Israel on holiday and was amazed at how beautiful the people are. R72, I'm not Jewish but i can tell you the most amazing penetrative sex I've ever had was with a Jewish guy. He was incredibly handsome and had THE most amazing penis I never experienced sensations like he gave me before I met him or since we split up.

I've had another relationship with a Jewish boy but I'm the top in this Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier but like the previous Jewish guy he too has an amazing penis and is incredibly Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier. So, to me that Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier you're bigoted comments ALL the way!!!!! Very nice, thanks for the thrill. Real men, no shaving, primping, goofy pecs. Real men not silly gayboys.

Orthodox Jewish men practice gender apartheid whenever possible. The women are completely subservient Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier the men.

Israel condones this brutality towards women. Humanity will continue to die unless misogyny dies first. It is killing us all. Stop the brutality. Stop the hatred. Stop it. It's even better than naked. I was with an Israeli man years ago out on the island of Maui, Hawaii. What great images. Spunky guys, lovely cocks, not a foreskin to be seen, natural bushy pubes just as they should be.

The best possible combo. Love to see them pass around the lube to wank those great cut cocks. How good would that be? R92, that's not a fair assessment. American soldiers are equally comfortable being naked around each other. Eventually it became nothing. Also, you will find plenty of picture of American soldiers goofing off similarly. Here are two porn videos on one video.

The two male couples who are Israeli soldiers having sex, and they are super studs!!!! They seem like they are soldiers in real life. The second song later in the video, is a song sung in Hebrew. Does anyone know what the singer is repeating in the song? I love the song a lot! I had served in the IDF and there is more gay sex than straight sex. Nudity is not an issue since in basic training from day one you shower with everybody and privacy is non existant.

Gays serve and are open about it, no Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier cares really. The soldiers are mostly in a good shapes as there is a weight Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier dont draft fatties. The straights fuck too, even with roomates in the room being present. Young people, horny and like to party a lot. Way to keep it nonpolitical.

Hah what a joke! Just goes to show you Gays just can't keep their hands out of the political cookie jar. It never ceases to amaze me the vitriol that is directed towards Israel as a state and Israelis as individuals As for the disgusting comments about the personal hygiene habits of Israeli soldiers Israeli -- Jews in general, actually -- are very big on personal hygiene.

And since Israel has the highest standard of living in the middle east and the ONLY democracy in the region, by the wayaccess to baths and showers and other personal hygiene tools is high; much higher than the rest of the region!

Israeli and Jewish men ARE hot but unfortunately everytime I do an Koel in full naked saree search for hot naked Jews I Naked full hot sexy israeli soldier up getting pictures of Islamic terror attacks and Jihad beheadings. Israel does not have the highest standard of living in the middle east.

Wealth and murderous feudal kleptocracy seem to go together just fine. The second scene is one of my favorite gay porn scenes. The darker haired guy has what looks like it could be a bullet scar on his stomach. The photo I just saw that led me to this site is copyrighted. I know because of them is a former roommate! You arseholes! Beautiful sexy masculine men making the best of a difficult time in their young lifes. We live learn go forward an become a better person over time.

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