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Writer Mark Oppenheimer shares his childhood memories of his month-long stay at a nudist summer camp run by Quakers. Good clean competition, hairy or otherwise, is a part of summer fun for children attending sleep-away camp. But in the middle of August, camps across the nation are closing their activities, kids say goodbye to new friends and first loves and their daily dose of Capture the Flag. Most children are sad to leave, but there Nude camp for boys some who cannot wait to get back home, and that was the case for writer Mark Oppenheimer.

When I was eight years old, inmy parents sent me off to a nudist camp; not a Nude camp for boys for adults who voluntarily chose nudism as a lifestyle, but a summer camp for young boys where nudity was encouraged. At Timberlake, nestled in the woodlands of Vermont, boys swam in the nude, slept in the nude, even played Whiffle ball in the nude.

I think my parents sent me to Timberlake because the camp had been founded by Quakers. I had spent a lot of time that year watching Michael J. Fox play the young right-winger Alex P. Keaton on the TV show "Family Ties," and my parents probably hoped that four weeks in the care of back-to-nature pacifists would cure me of any conservative impulses.

Now Quakers are not generally nudists. Richard Nixon was a Quaker and he wore clothes in public. James Dean was a Quaker and he wore clothes, too. But at this summer camp, the free-spirited tradition had Nude camp for boys over the years to include more freedoms than most of Sex ass free porn consider normal. Well, I was a modest boy and I wasn't having any of this nudist nonsense. At the beginning of the summer, Nude camp for boys was one other boy who insisted on remaining clothed, even at swim time.

But he caved, and by Nude camp for boys, I was the only boy willful and stubborn enough to wear clothes all the time. I thought these people were crazy.

And if the skinny-dipping and nude sports hadn't been enough to drive me away, then I surely would have made up my mind after sneaking out of my bunk on the very last night and finding my counselors--some of them well into their old age--square dancing in their birthday suits.

My parents picked me up the next day, and on the drive home from Vermont to Massachusetts, they filled me on what I missed. Dave Righetti had thrown a no-hitter for the Yankees on the Fourth of July. My youngest brother had learned to kick a soccer ball.

But what about me? Had I been homesick? Had I made friends? I can't remember what I told them, but I'm sure that I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

They'd had such high hopes for my summer with the Quaker nudists. It turns out that I should have been a little more honest because the next summer, after promising me I'd never have to go back to Timberlake, they sent me instead to Kinderland, a socialist sleep-away camp where the cabins were named after dead leftists, like Eugene Debs and Woody Guthrie. I spent all of that summer singing songs about union solidarity and writing letters to congressmen about the civil war in Nicaragua.

But look on the bright side: At least I got to wear clothes. You can read Mark's essay about his leftist camp experience Nude camp for boys the book "Sleepaway: Writings on Summer Camp.

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