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Of course, the girls were the Cops. We had tied them up in all kinds of ways. We had been playing for a couple hours, then the girls headed home. All us guys went into my house. I poured everyone some kool aid. Then I noticed the time, crap, I hadn't made my bed or cleaned my room. So, I ran upstairs to do that. The 5 boys turned on the tv. I know they all thought my Mom was sexy. They also had not gotten their fill of bondage for the day. One of them was holding the quilt that had been on the couch.

Mom came thru Tied up mom naked doorway, the quilt was thrown over her head. I could hear a ruckus but just thought the guys were rough housing. She was screaming at them to let her go. They had tied rope around her thighs too. They finished the job by hog tying her. She was struggling but they had done a good job of tying her securely.

I didn't notice but was sure they all had hard ons. I finally came down and said, "Oh. Girl naked vibrator vahina guys better leave now.

Tied up mom naked their heads turned back to watch my Mom's final struggles. She looked at me like, ok you can untie me now. Then I tickled her nylon feet. For the first time I also felt her nylon legs while I tickled her. Tied up mom naked took off the gag. She said,"That was not fair, I didn't know all those boys were here. So she said, do you want to tie me up? We both laughed, then she said I didn't say a word but I re gagged her. I said"Mom We started to talk about our day, I watched her shuffle along the kitchen floor, staring at her nylon legs, while she started to make dinner.

See More by nakedrake. Philip and Emily, they are cousins by birth and are Tied up mom naked raised kids who enjoy life of school, church and playing with friends and family. Like all kids though, they grow up and start embracing the mature Tied up mom naked life which can lead them against values they learned while growing up.

With Philip entering his early twenties and Emily climbing high in her late Tied up mom naked, they started to feel Tied up mom naked changes as Tied up mom naked had already started to experiment with his secret interest while even though cousins, Emily teased him on a flirting Tied up mom naked. Even though out going, Emily was a bit shy when it came to her body and she showed little skin, always wear.

Mom Straitjacket Part. Entered, and was immediately struck with a sight causing him some amount of confusion; he could see a figure against the light, a strange figure standing erect in the room just beyond what his failing eyesight could see clearly.

He approaches closer to the large glass window and stood transfixed with wonder and awe when he notices Christina dressed in strange clothes. And so undressed! While Alex had her hair loosely around her shoulders with wearing a pink t-shirt with denim skirt and black tights with knee high brown boots. Now that you moved out I think you could stand to learn a thing or two about how the real world works. Comments 7.

Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Excellent write up. I wish to get these friends to tie up mommy. Great piece of creativity. Good story.

Globetrotter Hobbyist Photographer. But very nice. Very nice. Thank you.

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