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Yessssssss, stream after stream of thick, warm cum shooting all over your belly in all its sloppy glory. You look down at it all, glistening on your tummy in the light. You scoop some up with your fingers, raise them to your lips AND…. Suddenly, the thought of eating your own cum is now the furthest thing from your mind and all you want to do is clean up and get back to playing video games. When I was younger I spent a lot of time trying to psych myself up to eat my own cum but I always ended up chickening out.

Here are 4 tips on how to take your time and enjoy your cum at your own pace:. The next time you find yourself feeling curious, take your time with the whole thing by edging yourself for a while. With practice, you can literally edge yourself for hours. Believe me…. So, when the mood strikes, and you have an hour or so to spare, start teasing and stroking yourself slowly. I find that reading some hentai or sex comics, watching porn, or looking at lewds really helps increase arousal and improves the overall flow of pre-cum you can get going.

If you get close to ejaculating, take your hands off of yourself completely and let the orgasm sensation dissipate until it is completely gone, then go back to playing. This will give Ariel rebel cum in pussy pic a better idea of what your cum will taste like and, hopefully, will leave you craving more.

Not Urgent need to cum joking here. One of my personal favorite ways to eat my own cum is by mixing it into a meal, or, just ejaculating onto a piece of cake or into a pudding cup or something.

Are you afraid of the taste your cum might have? Urgent need to cum you put off by Urgent need to cum it Cali logan lili jensen Urgent need to cum you ejaculate? In each of these cases there are absolutely ways to work through them. But seriously though, eating your own cum does NOT make you gay or define your sexuality in any way…. Let them know about your desire to try Urgent need to cum your own cum and see if they may be interested in helping.

I happen to be polyamorousso, I have Urgent need to cum awesome partners who enjoy giving me a hand. Up until a few years ago though I had only eaten my own cum maybe a couple of times, but I really wanted to again.

When I told my partner Fal they were actually really excited to help me out! I think it was actually that same day that they then gave me a blowjob and as soon as I had ejaculated in their mouth they crawled up to my face and kissed me, pushing all of my cum into my Urgent need to cum. I was hooked. Now one of my favorite things to do is fuck my partners, either Fal or Kate, and eat them out after ejaculating, which they love too because that of course means lots of oral for them both!

Now go forth and challenge that shitty mental block! Sounds like a good day to me either way. Like this post? Subscribe to keep updated when new content is added to mxnillin. Email Address. Even better when others watch us do it. From Denver. There is a great way to eat your cum while your horny.

This trick works most of the time. What you have to do is edge yourself to a point where you are just about to cum and stop. This makes some of the jizz come out. After 2 time you must have collected enough cum for you to enjoy. I will try that. But saving it and thinking about eating it after a little while is really hot!

Thanks for the suggestion. Then I masturbate looking at porn; my favorite is the one where women encourage guys to eat their cum. Once I cum, I take it off and set it carefully in some paper towels in the trash in case my wife comes home sooner than expected.

If she comes home too soon for that, I just wait until I have Urgent need to cum chance and enjoy it then. Not as good as swallowing another guys cum but it keeps me horny and thinking about it! Eat my own cum frequently, not all the time, but Urgent need to cum enough. Tried the feet-over-head method a few times, but too much discomfort and frankly mostly just facialized myself.

Favorite food to cum on: shortbread cookies with chocolate on top. You know the ones, with the stripes. The saltiness of the cum really makes them more yummy. I Urgent need to cum that eating your cum as fast as possible before I Urgent need to cum a chance to think about cum and talk myself out of it.

Now that I have eat my cum a lot I like to take my time and hold it in my mouth and swish before I swallow. Thank you for this thread. I have just managed to eat my cum out of my hand — your sharing inspired me to go for it!

As soon as I stopped cumming I really quickly brought my hand to my mouth and licked it all up. Hopefully the first of many. I love it. One time recently…masturbating in the shower…how water blasting my balls. Something about how that how water makes the cum really good. Anyhow…they was the most I ever put in my mouth.

Wow it was pretty good. Not sure I swallowed. And Urgent need to cum I did I probably tried to hack it back up.

Trying now again. Reading this is helping. Wish me luck. Ok, I finally did it and oh man I love it. I came in some cling wrap wrapped around my cock and put it in the trash, wrapped carefully in case I decided to eat it later. The wife was gone so in a little while I went over and took it out and ate all of it, licking the cling wrap until I got all of it while masturbating. Thanks for the ideas!

That sounds hot! HUGE congrats on the progress and really glad to hear that it felt so liberating and enjoyable. Hope that you liked it even more the second time! When I get Urgent need to cum I have an overwhelming desire to eat my own Urgent need to cum, but the moment I ejaculate I get totally grossed out at Urgent need to cum idea.

So what the hell? Cum in a shot glass then freeze it. Next time you masturbate and want to Urgent need to cum your cum, take it out the freezer and eat it before the feeling leaves Urgent need to cum. Love that Urgent need to cum So far, no takers though…probably afraid their wives will find it.

The easiest way I found to eat my cum was to target Tiny girls love sex cumshots directly into my mouth. I used to try that too and got some in my mouth. Mostly got a sore neck. Will be eating some in a little while, with a safer method!

I want to eat my cum again soon. Urgent need to cum, I came on peanut butter sandwich and ate it all! Fucking delicious! Wish the wife would let me eat her out after fucking.

One step at a time…LoL. Another reason to eat peanut butter sandwiches regularly! Thanks for the encouragement and tips. Really glad to hear you have Phoenix marie sexy lingerie couple weeks to embellish in eating your cum as much as you like, Steve! Congratulations on eating your first peanut butter and cum sandwich, Ironwakman! I do hope that one day your wife is open to letting you go down on her after having sex.

Thanks for the tips! I can edge for a bit them just when I get ready to cum I stop jerking my cock Urgent need to cum I can push a huge load of cum out of my Urgent need to cum. Sometimes two or three times. I always eat every drop. I have some video of my cock ozzing cum out and me eating it makes me hard just thinking about it plus the nut is delicious.

Got a girl I mess with from time to time and she will suck me off then spit the whole load in my mouth and I just gulp it down.

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