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Within the first week, I had found my new home away from home. I was a natural camper and loved every minute of every day. By the time I reached the age of 18, I was spending all of the 4, two week sessions at camp. Eight weeks away from my alcoholic parents and safe with my best friends. My best year was next, however, and one that I will never forget. I had turned Initiation circle jerk boys in February and was beginning to sport a few pubes.

School was out on Memorial day, and camp started in two weeks. It was the longest two weeks of my life. We arrived on the most perfect summer day ever. I knew it was going to be a special summer for me. It would take all summer to find out, however. Early on, maybe on the second day, I had been approached by one of the top campers, Vick, a lean, mean, 18 year old, blonde haired Adonis, and one of the most popular boys in camp.

A born leader. I knew exactly who these boys Initiation circle jerk boys, and how special they were to camp. To be invited into the inner circle of the camp was a privilege and honor only bestowed on a very Initiation circle jerk boys. And he turned and walked away. I decided that this was the summer of all out effort now.

I HAD to make this team and would stop at nothing Initiation circle jerk boys be the best camper in the group.

And, needless to say, I had a great summer. I played my hardest, lead my cabin to win awards for clean-up, wrote and directed the cabin skit in the annual talent night, yadda, yadda.

After lights out were out for some time, we would get up with Initiation circle jerk boys flashlights and chalk some lines on the floor. We would stand in circle and jerk off to see who could shoot a wad the farthest.

I did not always win, but I was a serious contender to say the least. On the Manila amateur teens pichunter dinner of the last week, I found a note under my plate. I put it in my pocket and after dinner went away from the group to read it. I could barely contain my anxiety as I opened the note with shaking hands. My initiation into the Indian Guides of Camp Tonkawaz. I tossed and turned after lights out at 9pm, Three hours to go.

AtI made my move. I was already prepared, having slipped on my jock strap and tennis shoes while still in bed. I crept along the floor and slowly opened the screen door. It was a new moon and Initiation circle jerk boys totally dark outside.

I made my way up to the path that led up the hill to the old chapel. With a small flashlight, I started up the trail. Initiation circle jerk boys was about half a mile strait up this hill and by the time I reached the top, I was quite winded. I sat down for a moment and looked up at the night sky. You could see all the stars it was so dark out there.

And then, it was really dark. All of a sudden, someone put a burlap bag over my head, and two sets of very strong arms picked me up and started walking me. Initiation circle jerk boys could not resist. I could not see anything. We walked very fast for a very long time.

I estimated at least half a mile. Suddenly, I heard the faint noise of distant drums. They grew louder with every step forward. Then, I could see a faint light through the bag, a huge campfire, and the drums grew louder.

All of a sudden we stopped. The drumming stopped. There was total silence. I stood there in the grasp of two very strong guys, shaking in the damp night air, with only a jock strap and sneakers on. What was going to happen? I was beginning to get a little worried now that I may have made the wrong decision. Then I heard a low voice. The bag was taken off my head and when I could see clearly, I was totally blown away. There were about ten or twelve of the senior campers, dressed to the hilt in Indian outfits all dancing and whooping around a huge bonfire.

They wore only leather loin clothes and moccasins. They were painted up with war paint and wore various colored feathers in their hair. I recognized most of the guys, however, and knew now why they had it Initiation circle jerk boys good at the camp. This was the elite group of campers and I was about to join them.

The drums stopped again. One of the boys shouted out. The two indian braves jerked me up and literally Initiation circle jerk boys me over to the Chief. Speak up and tell us why! The two braves jerked me back and led be back to the other side of the fire.

There was a Initiation circle jerk boys tree with two ropes hanging down. First, my hands were tied behind my back, then the ropes were slung under my armpits and tied above my shoulders.

My arms were then tied down to the sides of my abdomen. Cry out if you cannot take the pain and we will stop. I nodded in approval. Two of the boys then began to hoist the rope. It tightened in my armpits and began to pull me off the ground. Tbe pain was excruciating, but I bit my lip. They picked my up till my toes were barley touching the ground.

And just then, they began to whip me with willow branches. All over my naked chest, back, legs, arms and ankles. They removed my shoes and whipped my feet. I began to cry out in agony.

They continued the hazing with fervor. I was about to say I give up, when it stopped. What was next. In an instant the ropes were cut and I was laying on the ground. Two of the boys then picked me up and walked me around the fire a couple of times. What WAS next, I was beginning to get really nervous now. The boys then lined up in a long row, about 20 of them, facing each other with a small path in the middle. They each had a long wooden paddle, each painted with individual markings.

I gulped, held my breath for a few seconds, and started. Immediately, the boys began paddling my assas many times as possible before I passed by each of them. My legs were getting wobbly and I hesitated for a moment, but I knew if I fell down, they would not stop spanking till I got back up. By the time I got to the end of the line, my ass was on fire, red as a beet, I fell down to my knees and began to whimper.

A big, fierce looking boy came over and helped me get up. Oh my gosh, it Initiation circle jerk boys Vick. I could see his face now in the campfire light, even though it was decorated with multi colored war paint. He led me over to a teepee that was off by itself on the edge of the area.

Naked and without hesitation, I went into the tent. Initiation circle jerk boys was very hot and I began to sweat profusely. You will now be purified and be ready for manhood to begin. I could not see him, but I imagined that he was also naked. The heat and steam were intense.

I had fantasized about man cocks for some time now.

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