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Anthony was playing Black Ops on the Xboxwhen he tells Ian that Ashley is coming over to their house and tells him not to embarass him. Ian comes in to sit Smosh anthony padilla naked to Anthony, asking what kind of name is Ashley, all this, while he's naked. Anthony tells Ian that Ashley is a common name, but Ian says it's for an Eskimo tribe.

Before Anthony could continue arguing, he sees that Ian is naked and Homemamde usersubmitted mature older videos if he is, in which Ian denies.

Anthony asks if he's sure, so Ian Smosh anthony padilla naked, "Yeah dude, it's like, I forgot to wear my Smosh anthony padilla naked but it's like three in the afternoon. Obviously, I would've Smosh anthony padilla naked dressed at some point. Anthony tells Ian to look down, but Ian says that he isn't.

Anthony tells him again, but Ian says that Law order criminal intent erbe not going to fall for Anthony's "lies and tricks" again. Anthony is at first confused, but Ian remembers the time Anthony said he bought non-fat milk. Anthony says it was, but Ian says that it was two percent. In a flashback, Ian spits out the milk he was drinking and screams.

Ian also remembers the time Anthony said Smosh anthony padilla naked isn't real, which a flashback showed Ian waiting by the chimney with milk and cookies.

Anthony says that Santa isn't real, only for Ian to shout, "He is real! I saw him at the mall! In a flashback, Ian was wearing jeans and asks if they make his butt look fat. Anthony stifles a laughter and tell Ian that they look great, in which Ian happy thanks him.

Ian tells Anthony that he's not to be trusted and that he's "one big lying sack of sh-sh Anthony grows frustrated, puts his controller and headset down and leaves. Ian grabs the controller and asks if there are any hot girls in there. There's no black cops anywhere! Anthony starts taunting Ian by doing humping motions. Ian tells Anthony to put some clothes on, but Anthony tells Ian to do the same.

He starts doing sexual Smosh anthony padilla naked to Ian. A girl's voice is suddenly heard and Ian and Anthony turn to see that a girl has entered their house. Anthony realizes that the girl is Ashley, who asks why Anthony is naked.

Ian gets up and says, "I know! He's disgusting, isn't he? The whole time, Ashley never notices that Ian is naked, leaving Anthony to stand there, confused. Anthony tries to show Ian that he is naked, asking for a pen. He looks down, but he doesn't see he's naked; Then he tells it should be in the other jeans. Anthony reenters the room, naked, just Smosh anthony padilla naked the original ending. Then instead of Ashley comes in, they hear a door slam and a letter telling she left home after seeing Ian and him naked.

Ian asks "I'm Naked?! Once again, Anthony reenters the door naked then Ashley comes in. Then says to Anthony "You're right. I'm Naked Sign Smosh anthony padilla naked Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Original Thumbnail Smosh anthony padilla naked I'm Naked! This video is about Ian being completely oblivious of the fact that he is naked, much to Anthony's annoyance.

Contents [ show ]. Oh, on second thought, that's really Categories :. I'm Old! Thank You To The Viewers!

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