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Our favorite reality TV stars cannot get enough of the spotlight during their regularly scheduled time slots, so they take to Twitter to share even more of their daily lives with us.

And we love them for it! Here's a roundup of some of our favorite photos from the Twitterverse this week! Photo Credit. Brendon and Rachel met and fell in Long tongue deepthroat big tits on Big Brother 12 in So did she?

According to TMZ, that answer is no! The reason? Rachel, 27, is hoping to have a paid made for TV wedding!

Apparently Rachel was drunk when she told TMZ of her plans to wed this weekend. Sources close to Rachel reveal she and Brendon have no plans of a quickie wedding. In addition to that, she also wants to try her hand at the entertainment industry, while pitching her wedding planning as a reality show to various production companies and networks in hopes Big brother chelsia hart nude having it all paid for. And immediately following her win on BB, Rachel gave an interview in which she revealed her shock and hurt over Adam Poch not voting for her.

I was shocked and hurt a little bit because he told me earlier that I earned it and he would vote for me. He said even if I evicted him, he would understand and vote for me and then he votes Big brother chelsia hart nude Porsche?!

If you recall, Shelly famously turned on her alliance Big brother chelsia hart nude Jeff in the game, leading to some death threats by some deranged fans. Shelly however assures TMZ that all is well with Jeff today, adding that the threats have also died down.

It is what it is. We are fine. In a separate interview, Jeff stated all is forgiven with Shelly and denounced the death threats. Following a season filled with many twists and turns, the final two came down to a newbie vs.

Rachel, who won the final HOH thus deciding whom she wanted to go up against, beat runner up Porsche Briggs23in a very close vote. Rachel ultimately won by a vote of 4 — 3. As for Rachel, she is planning to use her winnings to plan her wedding and her future together with her fiance Brendon Villegas.

CBS also announced earlier this week that the show will return for a 14th season. It was double eviction week last Thursday on Big Brother 13, as two of the strongest players left in the game were voted Tabata towers big busty pics. In new interviews, both Danielle and Jeff speak out on their evictions, what they would have done differently and their thoughts on being able to play the game twice.

RealityWanted: What prompted to you to turn on your alliance with the veterans so early in the game? Daniele: I knew that Jeff was going to be really hard to get out later on in the game. I had a really tight alliance with Brendon and Rachel. They were the perfect alliance member because they were strong competitors and huge targets. I knew that with Dominic the four Big brother chelsia hart nude us could run the house.

Also, Brendon and Jeff walked around the house just bullying everyone, including me. I am my own person and wanted to make my own moves and not base things on what Brendon and Jeff told me what to do. RealityWanted: Did you expect to be backdoored by Jeff? Daniele: Jeff walks around that house preaching integrity and honesty. The only reason he backdoored Big brother chelsia hart nude was because he held a personal grudge and wanted to make a big move. RealityWanted: Your relationships with Kalia and Porsche seem genuine.

Are they friendships that you will carry outside of the game? Daniele: I never came into this house expecting A. I cannot wait to have real friendships with these people outside of the house. Kalia Tamil hero vijay sex photos Porsche are both amazing women. Those friendships were real and they will last forever.

RealityWanted: What was the best part about getting to play the game a second time? RealityWanted: What was the fight this week with Shelly about? Is it because she told Rachel that you threw the cornhole challenge?

Jeff: It was just to call Shelly out. She made three deals with other people in the house. That might have been my demise, but it happened the way it happened. RealityWanted: Are you surprised that she suddenly turned on your alliance? Jeff: Shocked. I thought I would be friends with Shelly after Big brother chelsia hart nude game — and I want to say that it is all just a game — but for Shelly to do something like that really hurt.

HOH Porsche was forced to put up two of her own alliance members after opening up the Pandora box and unleashing the pairs twist back on the house. Up for eviction are Shelly and Adam. Big brother chelsia hart nude appears Shelly will be the one getting the boot unless she is able to pull off a last minute miracle. According to TMZ, some deranged fans have decided to start sending death threats to the family of Shelly Moore.

Sources close to Shelly reveal her family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence and even making threats against her 8-year-old daughter. True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop! Follow Us:. Big Brother. Rachel Reilly Wins Big Brother 13!

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