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This story is about something that happened to me almost 6 years ago, when I was working at an insurance company part time to save for school. Sometimes work Christmas parties can be fun. And sometimes Santa is the naughty one The blood slowly began flowing to my clit as I contemplated the weekend that surely lay ahead with my boyfriend, who I hadn't seen in weeks. The newly bare pussy was a surprise for him and I couldn't wait to see, and feel, his reaction. First, however, I had to suffer through a work Christmas party.

I walked to my closet and pulled out my outfit for the evening - a white bra and panties, pleated skirt and blouse, strappy heels. The mirror showed my year-old self, petite and toned, long blond hair half back, dark eyes, mischievous smile. Everyone thinks Sexy sitting on santa s lap look a lot younger than I am but I've Sexy sitting on santa s lap no shortage of attention from older men starting in my early teen years.

I was enjoying my flirty outfit and looking forward to an evening of free drinks, if nothing else. The party was somewhat underway by the time I arrived.

Bill was half drunk, serving drinks and Louise was already slurring her way through the room. She spotted me and squealed, dragging me behind her to the bar. I Free porn videos. com see that I'd found a partner in crime for the evening and she seemed intent on getting me as drunk as possible, as Sexy sitting on santa s lap as possible.

We started with shots of Gold Schlagger and the evening progressed from there. Soon the music was on, the lights were dimmed and the noise level in the room had reached a high level of drunken chatter, emotional outpouring and too loud laughter. My face hurt Sexy sitting on santa s lap smiling but other than that I was as happy as could be.

I was also getting noticeably hornier as the night wore on and Sexy sitting on santa s lap could feel my smooth pussy lips sliding against each other and my panties. At one point I remember confessing my adventures in shaving to Louise, who felt it necessary to celebrate with more shots.

The coloured lights in the tree beside him blurred merrily as he sat in his big chair and placed a Christmas sack beside him. I joined in the cheering and giddily accepted a Santa hat that was placed on my head.

Louise happily stumbled onto his lap first. She kissed Sexy sitting on santa s lap on the cheek and whispered in his ear. Somebody yelled out, asking if she had been a good girl this year. Louise rolled her eyes and reached down into Santa's sac to pull out a present.

With a loud whoop she pulled out a bottle of wine and hopped off of Santa's lap in search of a corkscrew. By the time it was my turn to sit on Santa's lap, most people had gone back to conversing with others and weren't paying much attention. I, in the meantime, had consumed Sexy sitting on santa s lap few more beverages and was more than buzzed. I stumbled slightly on Bollywood nude big anal gift xopiss way to Santa's lap and he reached out to grab my hips and help me down.

As I sat he slid his gloved hands lightly down my hips. I could feel the velvet suit on my bare legs and noticed that my skirt had flipped up as I sat, leaving my underwear directly on the velvet. His fat stomach was round against my back and his white beard tickled the back of my neck. My pleated skirt cut across my thighs but I barely noticed as it hiked up slightly higher.

Santa's arm was around my back with his hand scooping my left hip. That's not what I heard, little girl," he chuckled quietly. I suddenly noticed his right, white glove lying on my thigh, just below the hemline of my skirt.

Slowly but deliberately it slid up under my skirt and rested on the top of my thigh, just beside my underwear. I could feel myself flushing suddenly and my clit began to pulse. The side of my body and my raised leg Imagenes porno de charlize theron his hand. All around us people were dancing and chatting, drinking and laughing. The tree twinkled merrily beside us. I had no idea who this Santa was but he seemed to know a bit about me!

In response he pointedly stared down my blouse and rubbed his gloved finger along my panty line under my skirt. I could feel myself getting very wet. I was a little creeped out, but getting more and more turned on at the same time.

My breathing was becoming shallow and I felt flushed, not to mention incredibly wet with Santa's hand up under my skirt. He pressed Porno blonde big ass hand down between my thighs and slid down to my knee, pressing my legs apart slightly.

I looked into his Sexy sitting on santa s lap but couldn't figure out who he was beneath his bushy beard, white eyebrows and Santa hat. I didn't say a word as I felt his glove brush lightly against my breast outside of my blouse.

After I did this, he pushed me up so I was standing Sexy sitting on santa s lap his legs and ran a hand up the back of my leg, rubbing my ass slightly. Then, with a light smack against my ass he sent me away and said he hoped to find me under his Christmas tree. With that, he stood up and bellowed out a loud "Ho, ho, ho" before leaving the room to the cheers and salutes of the partiers around us.

For a while I stumbled around in a drunken, horny daze. I was so wet that I was sure my panties were soaking and I noticed that they men were definitely noticing me more. I did manage to find the bar, at which Louise winked at me and handed me another shot. I gave her a quizzical look but she just smiled and turned away. I downed the shot and decided that I needed to find a washroom. The one at the edge of the party was busy so I felt my way along a dark hallway hoping to find a free one somewhere along the way.

Coming out of the washroom I noticed a flickering light coming from the company owners' big office at the end of the hall and guessed that he had the gas fireplace on in honour of the Christmas party. He was a pleasant man in his early 50's, good looking and intelligent, very giving and good to his employees. Last I had seen him he was popping open some champagne in the party room and chatting with a group of young employees. I decided that my drunkenness was a good excuse to check out his office in earnest and opened the door, quietly shutting it behind me.

To my surprise, behind the huge, flat wooden table that served as a desk sat Santa Claus himself! His old eyes crinkled up with delight when he saw me and he patted his lap. The room was mostly dark, lit by the fire and warm from its heat.

The wall behind Santa was all windows Sexy sitting on santa s lap the flickering light bounced off of them, with the city lights shining behind. It's my favourite naughty little girl. Come sit on Santa's lap. He "tsk, tskd" at me and reaching out, turned me around and pulled me onto his lap. Have you been drinking more?

Bad girl," he said, "you may need a spanking. He chuckled softly and answered, "Well, we'll have to see just how naughty you've been then. My underwear was soaked through, which Santa confirmed, whispering, "you're a juicy little girl" in my ear. Once again his beard tickled me and I blushed at what he had said.

I started to shift uncomfortably but his hands pressed down on my thighs, holding me on his lap. I couldn't move. Slowly his gloved hand began running up my thigh. It brushed over my pussy, just barely touching, and continued up my body to my breasts. The white glove slipped under my blouse and bra, fondling a breast. I couldn't contain a sigh as the material rubbed against my nipple and I felt the other one harden as well. He continued to fondle my breast while his other hand strayed up and down my thigh, never quite touching my panties.

I was now leaning back against his shoulder, my head back and eyes closed, completely carried away by the intense feelings of pleasure and desire. This continued for several minutes until I was nearly writhing with anticipation, wanting to feel his hand on my pussy. His hands paused on my breast and thigh and I squirmed slightly, dying to be touched. Did you want to tell Santa what you want for Christmas?

I could only moan and whisper, "please" again. I could feel Sexy sitting on santa s lap weight of his hands on my breast, at the top of my thigh, and I wanted more. It traveled slowly, grazing down my body and stopping at the top of my underwear. Then he pulled one side of my panties over, exposing my swollen and throbbing, bare pussy to the air.

Another moan escaped from me. He lifted his other hand and extended a finger that deliberately reached out to be placed on my clit. My breathing was shallow and heavy, my eyes fixated on his white glove against my wet, red mound and my white panties against the red velvet. Ever so lightly, the gloved finger moved back and forth against my clit. Intense pleasure throbbed through me. I Sexy sitting on santa s lap close to orgasm already but wanted the feeling to last and last.

I could feel my juices running down my thighs onto his pants as the material rubbed against me. Suddenly he lifted his finger away and I moaned out in protest.

For Santa to play with your pussy? Unable to resist, I said "Santa, I Sexy sitting on santa s lap you to finger my wet little pussy.

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