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Francesca Le is talking loads of trash, flexing her guns and hyping herself up for her match with Rocky. She may be small, but she has a lot of heart and it Nude francesca le wrestling as Fran works up a sweat going in on Rocky.

This is one sexy female pro wrestling battle in leotards that gets down and dirty. Its fall Nude francesca le wrestling of Sara Palin vs. Joe Biden, and Sara is pissed! After close inspection of her top, she sees that Biden has bled on it, ruining her American flag top. After a hard punch to the stomach he gets behind Palin, and strips her of her top, then chokes her with it. She mauls him with punches to his stomach and Nude francesca le wrestling, while smothering him under her crotch.

Head scissors, breast mauling, back breakers, breast smothering, camel clutches, and more befall these two political powerhouses. Both of these politicians give it their all, but only can walk away from this political debate. Who will win in this battle of Conservative vs Liberal?? Fresh off her first pin win, Palin taunts Biden and give him a kick to the gut.

Palin throws him to the ground and starts to punish him with punches and knees to the gut while she has him trapped Nude francesca le wrestling headscissors.

Biden is able to turn the tables though and traps Palin in a modified camel clutch. Biden taunts Palin as he dominates her and gives her some payback. This down and dirty battle of political opponents is anyone's game, as the action intensifies, and Palin begins to slip out of her All American Bikini top!

An old rivalry returns, this time in an oil wrestling match! Part 1 of Sara Palin vs Joe Biden in mixed oil wrestling is here! We start off with the very sexy Ms Palin oiling up for her match in an ultra skimpy stars and stripes bikini.

It's a two out of 3 falls match in this political forum, and Mr Biden takes an early lead. These two sling verbal mud back and forth while they exchange holds and locks in oil.

Ms Palin is out for revenge and punishes Mr Biden with breast and crotch smothers, and painful holds. Who will win fall one in this battle of Conservative vs Liberal?? The sexy spitfire Francesca Le shows no Brad pitt and angelina jolie fake as she steps in the ring with Darrius.

What follows is an awesome mixed boxing slugfest! Mixed Boxing - Francesca Le Archives. Testimonials Ring Rental Interact! Ask Darrius Links Text Links. Video Prices: DVD : Nude francesca le wrestling Local - Retired? See more Francesca Le videos.

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