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Bovine broad, period. Lost battle with gravity when pre-teen. Now a stocky ho that wears hair up in funny hairdos Denise milani boobs gif gain 2 inches up.

You guys Denise milani boobs gif to stop fapping to pillows and learn what is truly beautiful in a woman.

But to do that you'd first need to crawl out from your spank smelling basements at mom's place and make an attempt at life. As much as busty chicks should be appreciated, this particular one is simply a sow.

A truly beautiful woman looks best on the first photo they take. Now git. Just appreciate it for what it is. Jesus Christ, no-one's asking you to marry her or put her forward for Miss Universe. She has very large breasts! That's all you need to know — they can be enjoyable to play with, fondle, lay on or whatever you fancy doing! It's a fantasy!

It's life! Get over yourself. No, I do not appreciate fugly chicks on the net. Enough of them in the real world. Want fantasy? Look at pretty gals. This one has just gone too far. Fantasy, you say. OK, here's what my fantasy tells me — the stocky broad has cellulite that can rival a champion cauliflower.

Her bags, when touched, will feel like warm rubbery water bottles, the kind your grandma puts on her back when aching. Her nips are prolly stretched like small pancakes. I definitely do not expect her nips to be hard any time, even when fondled for Denise milani boobs gif. Her snatch.

Well, imagine a bucket. Yup, a meat bucket. That's closest. I'd throw her out of bed. Yes, i would. She is grotesque. I'd probably have no erection at all with her. She is simply repulsive. That's how I see her. If Denise milani boobs gif guys find it enjoyable to drool over her, go ahead. But don't force others to. Now get back to your wanking, enough reading for one sitting.

Kater… there are all types of women, true. But if you're going to bash Denise Milani, well, you're wrong as default. It's just the way it is. And she's a skank when she teases, but not when she doesn't remove her clothes? And it's true, she's voluptuous, but that might not be your cup of tea.

That's no reason Very tall nude model to bash her. It's eye candy and that's Denise milani boobs gif. I used to like Veronica Zemanova, for instance… but she just looks too unreal now.

Milani, at least there's the benefit of the doubt. It's something that happens there for the benefit of humanity I'd like to hear your pathetic voice tremble if you have the astonishingly unlikely opportunity to even be in the same room as her. She'd poke one of your eyes with one of those. Not all men enjoy bony, emaciated 13yr old girls, Kater. Most of us enjoy actual, post-pubescent women.

Dude, you're on about people getting a life when you type a whole fucking essay for each reply to your stupid comments. She looks best in the first through the last. It's great that girls, sexy chivers I salute youvisit the chive but don't be hateful when you see a woman that is probably hotter than you can ever hope to be.

Wanna compare a middle aged Denise milani boobs gif with that barrel? All goes to show that you are care about your fap object more than self respect. Just to reiterate — she looks bad. Not awesome. Her boobs are gross, not attractive. In no respect is she an attractive female. Cum receptacle, yes. Grotesque broad, yes. Good example of what not to do with Denise milani boobs gif body — yes.

Sb mentioned trolling. Well, you just need to understand that ppl have opinions. Mine differs from yours. That doesn't make me a troll. On the contrary, trolling is assaulting sb for daring to word some different opinion. And you, coldzilla, are best proof that idiots live everywhere and will take every opportunity to bestow their lack of understanding on others.

Best of luck in your lives, fap and be merry. Oh, and better leave all non DDD chicks to men who can appreciate them. Yes all guys have opinions but YOU said "You guys need to stop fapping to pillows and learn what is truly Denise milani boobs gif in a woman. No one ELSE is projecting theirs onto others……. Oh really? Lack of understanding.

All goes to show that you are care about your fap object more than self respect" Read my comment again asshat. I never GAVE an opinion in my response to you. Funny tho that you think you could glean that from three short sentences.

All this just goes to prove that either a your comprehension skills need some work or b youre just here to listen to yourself prattle on.

Time to shuffle off back to YouTube skippy. The plethora of 12 year olds over their might raise your chances of Denise milani boobs gif getting your ass handed to you as many have done in this Denise milani boobs gif LOL. Wait, 'bovine'? As in, she has cow-like features?

And stocky? I don't Denise milani boobs gif those words mean what you think Free young voyeur vagina pics mean. Web sites list her as DDD. That's just nuts. I've had DD's. And that gave me enough lower back problems. Good gawd. I can't imagine having them that large…ALL the time. Denise milani boobs gif an important distinction. I was breast feeding.

And when I weaned the children, I went back to normal size. I could say what my "normal" size is, but I Denise milani boobs gif, and I won't…so thinking I was trying to brag, you can bite me CI.

Danny, I was in the how folks lost their virginity gallery, feel free to figure out which is me. Anyway, I am glad they are normal again. Because it Denise milani boobs gif does hurt. DDD's all the time?

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