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Archived in Movie Reviews. Tera Patrick was a star long before Tera patrick goes gonzo was a contract girl. Some of you may not remember it, but she was the girl all of the strokers were talking about. She returns to her roots a bit in this movie. It does however let it style and attempt to be clever get in the way.

The first two scenes feature Tera in solo action and then as Tera patrick goes gonzo of a three-way veggie scene. Both scenes feature Ed Powers in the shots as they try to pull out and show us how gonzo they are.

All that happens is we end up with subpar footage and fans are robbed of two chances to see more of Tera. From there things get a little Amateur milf hot mom naked. Spyder fucks Daisy and she is always worth watching.

Roxy shows up in an eye candy scene that is decent, but totally out of place in this movie. The two best scenes feature Tera without Ed in the way.

On her best day Tera will never be confused with Hillary Scott or Mika Tan when it comes to cock sucking, but there are few women in porn who can pull off Tera patrick goes gonzo kind of fantasy eye candy scene. The same goes for her finale with Jack Lawrence.

She works his big dick with her hands mouth and pussy giving the fans exactly what they paid to see. If the rest of the movie were as good as these two scenes then we would have a must see. Instead we have a must see for Tera fans who want to see her fuck and suck.

Tera Solo. Ed creeps up on Tera as she walks down the street in a plaid skirt. He talks her into doing Tera patrick goes gonzo solo scene. The good news is that he talked her into it. The bad news is that we have to listen to Ed talk through the whole thing. Even Tera patrick goes gonzo distracting than his Tera patrick goes gonzo is the fact that her pool table tease is shot with two cameras.

The other is an oddly placed stationary camera that never really shows us much. It just makes the whole thing odd and kind of lame. Plus the audio is off and that makes it really annoying. For a second straight scene we get to watch the action with director Ed Powers in the shot.

So instead of talking about how hot the Tera patrick goes gonzo are, we are stuck wondering why anyone would want to see Ed instead of three chicks getting it on. Things do get better, but they are so boring for so long that some of you might nod off waiting for Tera to get her tongue into one of these lovely ladies. If you can stick around that long Tera does talk dirty while being fucked by a dildo from behind.

There are some good moments here, mostly thanks to Tera patrick goes gonzo and some toy play. If you stick around long enough to see the beautiful brunette spread herself wide open while the blondes fuck her then you will be rewarded.

Jeremy and Powers are Tera patrick goes gonzo for the next scene Spyder snaps his fingers and Daisy appears. Without a word she starts sucking his dick. The blowjob is good, but painfully short and is followed up by Daisy Pre boob job by the way fucking in reverse cowgirl. The camera is shooting the action from a cock-eyed angle for some reason, but the energy is decent and Tera patrick goes gonzo addition by subtraction Of Powers makes it feel a lot smoother.

Now we just need to see Tera without someone getting in the way. Tera gives us some Tera patrick goes gonzo good tease in the pool. She talks to the camera, pumps the dick with both hands and shows us exactly what we tuned in to see. It took an hour, but we finally have something worth while. There is a reason we want to see Tera going gonzo and staring at her big tits and beautiful face you can see why. She pumps the cum right out of the dick and then Hadise sexy porno gallery off.

Shifting gears again we get Roxy in stockings with some soft music in the background. No more gonzo, this is eye candy porn. Roxy fucks against a slightly washed out white background, riding dick and then sucking until the guy explodes Vintage asian skinny nipples porn her face.

It is a thoroughly average scene that is really only worth watching because she is so hot and because she licks the cum off of her fingers at the end. Tera in a bikini, Jack in a cop uniform.

You know what happens next. He shows up looking for a permit and finds her in her stripperlicious best outfit. The camerawork is shaky and the sound is really bad during the build up, but the payoff is perfect. Tera looks amazing in this outfit and gets to shows off her best with Jack. Talking to the camera, Tera keeps us in the loop while Jack licks her tight little box. Down on her knees she takes his big dick and slides her lips down the shaft.

This should be the highlight of the movie but it is over way too quickly. Jack puts her on the bed and fucks her pussy Tera patrick goes gonzo hard enough to get those big boobs bouncing a little bit. Her energy is pretty good and there are some monster tight shots along the way. Good work here even with some slightly shaky camerawork. Back on her knees she talks dirty until Jack sprays all over her mouth, even catching her by surprise with the first shot.

Not her best scene ever, but totally worth Busty thai girl ann wait in this movie. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Icons by Wefunction. Designed by. Tera Goes Gonzo. Next Post Seasoned Players 6.

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