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Dave Frost faced 12 charges of sexual exploitation related to his time as coach of the Quinte Hawks junior hockey team in the small town of Deseronto. It was alleged that he orchestrated sex parties in an apartment he shared with his teenaged players, some of whom went on to become stars in the National Hockey League. The girls at the centre of the scandal claimed that Frost watched them have sex with multiple players in a group, sometimes giving them instructions and participating himself.

How delicious. While the public reaction focused on Frost, I am more intrigued by the notion that group sex is so common among junior hockey teams in towns across the country, or more accurately that group sex in hockey is such a sensitive topic in the mainstream. Naturally young men play with their cocks. What do you expect? But hockey is a bastion of homophobia. How do a bunch of supposedly heterosexual hockey players convince themselves that watching each other having sex — taking turns — is not at least a little bit gay?

Is this a display of heterosexual prowess, an initiation rite or just a bunch of horny teenagers? And what is it about this story that gives Naked hockey players nude such a boner?

It has caused some arguments, but few and far between. Another Naked hockey players nude Takacs likes hockey is for the camaraderie, because as a member of a hockey team he is one of a band of brothers.

Being on a Naked hockey players nude is a way to be there for a person without expressing any feelings or emotions. We have an unspoken bond. Takacs played Junior B hockey in high school and some of the guys he played with went on to play in the Ontario Hockey League and the National Hockey League. The hazing, the sex and the girls that go along with it, the players have carte blanche to get away with Naked hockey players nude they want.

Another hockey friend of mine, Mark Hickox, tells a story about a house party he attended while in high school. Rob Naked hockey players nude, a gay man who has played hockey since he was a little kid, offers up my favourite initiation rite. Then they back up and carry them over to a lineup of rookies. Did Takacs ever have group sex with his teammates or take part in sexually charged initiation rites during his time in Junior B?

It all seems more than a little bit gay but Ferris says the sex play is juvenile rather than homoerotic. They just jump around and giggle and grab at each other. So they never grow up, never mature and become adult men. Is he molesting his players? Is he orchestrating orgies? Are the players getting it on with each other? Yet the whole thing is pretty gay. Naked hockey players nude is the real, straight, suburban world. Now there are nine Naked hockey players nude and over players.

The difference between this league and other leagues is that there are no homophobic comments in the locker room. These guys take their sport very seriously and it shows. The skill level on display is very high. Gay hockey is big these days, from Montreal to Colorado. Gay teams are regularly going up against straight teams and winning. Yes, there are plenty of hot guys here. The values on display in Rink A on any given Sunday are the classic masculine ideals of honour, loyalty, leadership, camaraderie and fairness.

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