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The official boxart has been revealed. It's the one on Gamefly without the Gamefly logo on it. A release date of November 28th has been added Peeing on city folk logo someone, citing a source form Play.

Nintendo is definitely more reliable than Play. Any thoughts? Johnnywalterboy talk16 July UTC. Nintendo said the release would be 3rd to 16 of November although it is subject to change.

In select walmarts ac cf is already out!!! I looked it up! Lavinder talk17 March UTC. I don't approve of this feature, it should be made optional, because if people can gain access to someone's town, they can destroy it, like around midnight. Unless there's an option such as "Town Restore" to restore the town to it's state before person s came to so-and-so's town.

Some good features of Idle-Wi-Fi, would be, say you, A forgot a gold Peeing on city folk logo at B's town, B could Peeing on city folk logo over, and drop it near your house, with a tag of "Only A can pick this item up" The source given is thisand I cannot see any mention of the above included.

It only mentions WiiConnect24 being used for the separate "city" area. The fact you don't approve isn't what the talk pages are for. Sorry I don't mean to be rude. It's true though. It says on the Animal Crossing wikiwhich doesn't, honestly seem too reliable that you will be Peeing on city folk logo to decorate furnature in this game. I haven't heard this anywhere yet and I can't track down any of the authors to find out where this fact comes from. Based on the interview, it was just discussion of the idea - not concrete evidence that it Peeing on city folk logo be a feature in the game.

It is not true. You can create your own paintings, tops, hats, umbrellas, carpets, wallpaper and outdoor foot mats. I removed the EGM release date info claiming it to be Fall Over on the Smash Bros. Brawl page, the editors decided it wasn't reliable enough, Peeing on city folk logo for consistancy, I removed it here too. Please do not put up tentative dates without a source confirmed by Nintendo. Someone put that the game would be released in late September.

I'd like to know where you found that because everywhere I've seen it says that it will be released in Japan first and it doesn't seem to be coming Peeing on city folk logo soon. I cited a link to a page on nintendo. In the Wii Channels article, it states that this game will use Miis for the main characters, but I don't see anything about it in this article. Someone in the Peeing on city folk logo should take action. Yes you CAN use Miis.

You can use mii's but they have to be as Wwe real porn photos mask and vanish as soon as you put on assearys surely this should be on here Lavinder talk7 March UTC. It has been revealed at a NoJ conference with retailers that Animal Crossing will be coming out in Japan in There are several reports confirming this. Why does this keep getting reverted from the main article? Thores4 March UTC.

I belive that these games are too difforent to be linked. Just because their both sims dose not mean that they are simmilar. Deffinately not the same game here people they are nothing alike when you play them. Reality check. I've added a sentence at the end of the article regarding a mention of sorts of the game in the Operations Manual. If anyone is against my addition, feel free to remove it. If anyone is concerned about the validity, go check a manual yourself.

I think this should be mentioned somewhere in the article. Any suggestions as to how? The G4 site said Edge Magazine doesn't usually get stuff like Slut in sin- ni wrong and usually has a lot of proof to back something up like this I would give you a link but the g4 site isn't working right now.

Hey there. Is this a good enough source for it to be included in the article? I think what we are all waiting for is official conformation. It is probably right though. I don't know if this is noteworthy or not, but when you go to "acwii. Does this confirm the title "AC:Wii"? Just thought I'd bring this up. The article is gone. I removed some info about a December launch time, a piece of info that was derived from a Club Nintendo calender.

Just for clarification's sake, the calender says nothing about the Animal Crossing Wii release date. Peeing on city folk logo I understand it, the December release time frame was inferred from the fact that Animal Crossing is used as a theme for that month and that Mario Kart is the theme for the month of April Mario Kart Wii launches April worldwide.

This pattern does not hold up to much scrutiny, as January has Mario Galaxy as its theme. If my reasoning is wrong, or if there's some other pertinent info that Club Nintendo or anyone else for the matter released, feel free Peeing on city folk logo correct me.

Entitled talk11 April UTC. IGN is a reliable source so it should be added. Couldn't we already put NA It's pretty obvious that this game will be released in NA. That is not the Bollywood telugu actress sexpussynude picture E3 Website. That's acculy a website from the "UGO Networks". I just checked G4's thefeed website and it had alot of Peeing on city folk logo on the game for E3, or something like that.

My computer sucks so I really can't do anything right now but if somebody could check their sources and put them in the article it would be great. Thanks Pryanka chopra xxx anus kis bunch dudes. Zabbethx talk10 July UTC. What is with the picture used on the article? It looks like someone was playing on paint and pasted the Animal Crossing Logo. I think it should be removed and we should wait for box-art to be released.

Can the anons wait for a registered user to format the incoming information. The page has been divided far too thinly. Instead of having multiple seperate sections of one or two sentences a piece, it would look better if the article was just a basic summary of what we know until we have more information to organize in such a manner.

Right now it just looks very lacking. I see your point. I've cleaned it up a bit! Skeletal S. Bleh so my layout wasn't good enough I take it? You're all free to visit this thread at any time to update yourself on what's new in this installment of the series. I'll be sure to come here again later Peeing on city folk logo week and see too it that you've got everything right. Over and out.

It isn't that your layout wasn't good enough or anything, it's just better suited for an article with much more available information to write about. It would be best to wait until we get closer to the game's release and have more to fill the sections with than to just have a very empty-looking page. I for one would say that the New element section is too cluttered as it is now, with all the new features that we know of - especially if you go into detail like just how the new auction house works and characters such as the shoe-shiner boy.

But I'll let you decide. If someone still haven't summarized all the new features until next Monday then I might step in and try and do something about it. Until then I'll continue with my two threads instead have a look for yourself Peeing on city folk logo you'll see that quite a lot of beans have already been spilled about this game.

I'm a contributor to a Wiki hosted by Wikia, and I recently wrote about the development of this video game. Since it is my work, am I Peeing on city folk logo under Wikipedia and Wikia rules to merge it with Wikipedia's development section or must Peeing on city folk logo rewrite it first?

Thanks for your time. It's equally likely that the codebase that would have been AC 2 became Animal Crossing: Wild Worldand I can show evidence from the dialogue of Wild World to support this villager chat about Katrina and Blathers' having completed his paleontology course. E3 introduces a city didn't know if this Peeing on city folk logo mentioned being able to use ur mii's face as a mask Why did you say that? It's already in the article and E3 was in mid-July so nothing new.

I found the box art on Nintendo's site, but it's temporary, would it still be worthy of an upload?

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